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IEET > Staff > Kris Notaro

Kris Notaro

Kris Notaro earned his BS in Philosophy from Charter Oak State College in Connecticut. He is currently the Bertrand Russell Society’s Vice-President for Website Technology.  He has worked with the Bertrand Russell A/V Project at Central Connecticut State University, producing multimedia materials related to philosophy and ethics for classroom use. He has been a strong advocate for the distribution of open source and free software, especially in connection with the Linux operating system.

Kris’ hobbies include photography, computers, the outdoors, hiking, and reading. He considers himself a Chomskyan, Goldman, de Beauvoirian, Sartrean, etc, Anarchist and can usually be found using the phrase “libertarian socialist, anarcho-syndicalist, cross-border solidarity, and technoprogressive” to definitively describe his politics.

His academic concentration has been on Consciousness Studies and Philosophy of Mind, relating both to techno-progressive politics and current and future understandings of the nature of consciousness, and he closely follows technological advances illuminating neuroscience, consciousness, and the ongoing brain/mind debate.

A believer in the integral relationship between technological advances and their social implications, he has an extensive history as a progressive activist, having worked for ACORN, HUD, Working Families Party, House Democrats, and progressive candidates for state office in Connecticut. He has attended and organized dozens of progressive events and protests around the U.S. and Canada opposing war, racism, imperialism, and the unjust consequences of globalization, and advocating, socioeconomic justice, women’s rights, and LGBTQ rights.

In philosophy a primary focus of his has been on the concept of qualia as an essential component of consciousness and the ways in which an understanding of qualia will determine technologies such as AI, human enhancement, and the definition of human - being in relationship to other species especially as that impacts the ethical logic of animal and human rights. In that regard he endorses the recent Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness from prominent scientists, which proclaims “Evidence that human and nonhuman animal emotional feelings arise from homologous subcortical brain networks provide compelling evidence for evolutionarily shared primal affective qualia.”

Home Page | CV | Twitter


"Transhumanism: No Gigadeath War"   Ethical Technology  Oct 29, 2014

"Geoengineering as a Human Right"   Ethical Technology  Jul 10, 2014

"The Importance of Qualia to Transhumanism and Science pt2"   Ethical Technology  Jul 2, 2014

"Phenomenal States and Properties: Reductionism, Supervenience, or Emergentism?"   Ethical Technology  Mar 4, 2014

"Genderqueer, Pansexual, LGBTQ: Will Gender Exist 100 Years From Now? - Rebooted"   Ethical Technology  Oct 24, 2013

"On “First Contact” with Super Intelligent Beings"   Ethical Technology  May 10, 2013

"Education, Consciousness, Intellectualism, Poverty, Future"   Ethical Technology  Apr 17, 2013

"The Posthuman Mind pt5"   Ethical Technology  Apr 11, 2013

"The Importance of Qualia to Transhumanism and Science pt1"   Ethical Technology  Mar 25, 2013

"How can Workers of the World Really Unite?"   Ethical Technology  Mar 16, 2013

"The Naked Future: the Suicide Girls talk Feminism, Erotica, and What Comes Next"   Ethical Technology  Mar 4, 2013

"The Floating Metal Sphere Trump Card"   Ethical Technology  Dec 23, 2012

"The Inevitability of Intelligence and Critical Thinking Leading to Empathy and Altruism"   Ethical Technology  Dec 11, 2012

"Live-Blogging the Afternoon of Day Two of Humanity+ San Francisco"   Ethical Technology  Dec 2, 2012

"Live-Blogging the Morning of Day Two of Humanity+ San Francisco"   Ethical Technology  Dec 2, 2012

"Live-Blogging the Afternoon of Day One of Humanity+ San Francisco"   Ethical Technology  Dec 1, 2012

"Live-Blogging Morning of Day One of Humanity+ San Francisco"   Ethical Technology  Dec 1, 2012

"No Dystopian Future For Me!"   Ethical Technology  Nov 4, 2012

"Existentialism and Existential Threats: a Fascinating Merging of Human Thought"   Ethical Technology  Oct 24, 2012

"What Will it be Like to Multitask to Reach Truth?"   Ethical Technology  Sep 21, 2012

"Transhumanism and Anarchism"   Ethical Technology  Aug 21, 2012

"Was Bertrand Russell a Futurist?"   Ethical Technology  Jun 5, 2012

"Correlation and Resemblance Between Human and Animal Consciousness (CRHAC)"   Ethical Technology  May 2, 2012

"The Existential Nihilist?"   Ethical Technology  Apr 19, 2012

"Ethics of Genetically Engineering the Human Mind"   Ethical Technology  Mar 31, 2012

"Critical Thinking: The Posthuman Mind pt4b: An Interview with Dr. Joel Rudinow"   Ethical Technology  Mar 22, 2012

"Critical Thinking: The Posthuman Mind pt4a"   Ethical Technology  Dec 18, 2011

"PETA Stays up to Date With the Latest Technologies in the Animal Food and Testing Industry"   Ethical Technology  Oct 28, 2011

"The Crusade for a Cultured Alternative to Animal Meat: An Interview with Nicholas Genovese, PhD PETA"   Ethical Technology  Oct 5, 2011

"Why the October 6th D.C. Freedom Plaza Protest is Important to Technoprogressivism"   Ethical Technology  Sep 14, 2011

"Panpsychism and Multiple Realization: The Posthuman Mind pt3"   Ethical Technology  Jun 8, 2011

"Which Ethical Theory Will Prevail in a Posthuman World?"   Ethical Technology  Mar 21, 2011

"From Tunisia and Egypt to Wisconsin: Anonymous Hacker Group Helps Take Down Insupportable Websites"   Ethical Technology  Mar 9, 2011

"Egypt: Mubarak’s Decision to Shut Down the Internet and Cell Phones: Updated"   Ethical Technology  Jan 28, 2011

"#18: Will gender exist 100 years from now?"   Ethical Technology  Dec 14, 2010

"#28: Can We Be Happy Forever In Robot Bodies?"   Ethical Technology  Dec 4, 2010

"On Capitalism and Politics in 2010"   Ethical Technology  Nov 14, 2010

"The Posthuman Mind Continued: On Simulating Conscious Awareness of Homeostasis"   Ethical Technology  Oct 29, 2010

"How Can Human V2.0 Find Meaning?"   Ethical Technology  Oct 14, 2010

"Why do We Believe What We Believe?"   Ethical Technology  Sep 22, 2010

"Zombies, Human Sonar, and Transhumanism: an Interview with Rutgers Professor Katalin Balog"   Ethical Technology  Aug 23, 2010

"Can We Be Happy Forever In Robot Bodies?"   Ethical Technology  Aug 14, 2010

"Cochlear Implants: Journey from deafness to the world of hearing"   Ethical Technology  Aug 4, 2010

"Can Technology Bring on a World Wide Social Revolution?"   Ethical Technology  Jul 15, 2010

"Will gender exist 100 years from now, or does it already not exist?"   Ethical Technology  Jun 21, 2010

"Postmodern Regression Towards the Mean"   Ethical Technology  Apr 28, 2010

"Why the “Toward a Science of Consciousness” Conference is Important to Technoprogressivism"   Ethical Technology  Apr 10, 2010

"Transhumanism and Phenomenological Reduction"   Ethical Technology  Feb 4, 2010

"Singularity Summit Coverage - Day 2"   Ethical Technology  Oct 5, 2009

"Singularity Summit Coverage - Day 1"   Ethical Technology  Oct 2, 2009

"Progress on the Technoprogressive Wiki"   Ethical Technology  Jun 30, 2009

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