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Virtually Human: The Promise—-and the Peril—-of Digital Immortality
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Rick Searle on 'Summa Technologiae, Or Why The Trouble With Science Is Religion' (Nov 24, 2014)

instamatic on 'Pastor-Turned-Atheist Coaches Secular Church Start-Ups' (Nov 24, 2014)

CygnusX1 on 'Summa Technologiae, Or Why The Trouble With Science Is Religion' (Nov 24, 2014)

Rick Searle on 'Summa Technologiae, Or Why The Trouble With Science Is Religion' (Nov 24, 2014)

CygnusX1 on 'Summa Technologiae, Or Why The Trouble With Science Is Religion' (Nov 24, 2014)

Leah Carr on 'Technoprogressive Declaration - Transvision 2014' (Nov 23, 2014)

David Wood on 'Technoprogressive Declaration - Transvision 2014' (Nov 23, 2014)

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IEET > Former > Dick Pelletier

Dick Pelletier

Dick Pelletier was a weekly columnist who wrote about future science and technologies for numerous publications. He passed away on July 22, 2014.



Positive Futurist


Longevitize!: Essays on the Science, Philosophy & Politics of Longevity by ed. Franco Cortese (2013)


"Wild ride ahead: glimpse at humanity’s long range future"     Jun 30, 2014

"Imagine a time when aging, death no longer dominate our lives"   Ethical Technology  Jun 23, 2014

"Jobs lost to automation: Doom and gloom? Maybe not, expert says"     Jun 15, 2014

"Mid-century Earth: a brief glance at our future in 36 years"   Ethical Technology  Jun 8, 2014

"Obama Brain Initiative: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s patients raise hopes"   Ethical Technology  Jun 3, 2014

"Indefinite lifespan in our future; experts ponder responses"   Ethical Technology  May 25, 2014

"2020s Biotech: better health, say goodbye to most age-related deaths"   Ethical Technology  May 19, 2014

"Discovering ETs: Is the world ready for first contact?"   Ethical Technology  May 12, 2014

"Your nanorobotics future: life truly becomes ‘magical’"   Ethical Technology  May 6, 2014

"Our Space Future: gene-modified/non-bio humans head for the stars"   Ethical Technology  Apr 28, 2014

"The human trek: from crude beginnings to an immortal future"   Ethical Technology  Apr 21, 2014

"21st Century: a brief trek through our technology-rich future"   Ethical Technology  Apr 13, 2014

"Quest for immortality spurs breakthroughs in human-machine merge"   Ethical Technology  Apr 6, 2014

"Future of love and sex: monogamy no longer the default, say experts"   Ethical Technology  Mar 30, 2014

"Shape-shifting claytronics: wild future here by 2020, experts say"   Ethical Technology  Mar 24, 2014

"Living for 1,000 years: an ‘out of this world’ future awaits us"   Ethical Technology  Mar 17, 2014

"Mind-to-mind thought talking possible by 2030, scientist says"   Ethical Technology  Mar 10, 2014

"Birthing babies in a post-human world: goodbye pregnancies"   Ethical Technology  Mar 2, 2014

"Earth 2314: Humanity scatters its populations to the stars"   Ethical Technology  Feb 23, 2014

"Rosy future ahead? Experts say yes; get ready to be mind-boggled"   Ethical Technology  Feb 17, 2014

"Healthier, Stronger, More Youthful You by 2024, Experts Predict"   Ethical Technology  Feb 11, 2014

"Earth 2050 and beyond: enhanced immortal humans head for the stars"   Ethical Technology  Feb 3, 2014

"Creating sentient machines with ‘deep learning’ AI technology"   Ethical Technology  Jan 27, 2014

"Life in the 2050s: Consciousness unraveled, non-bio brains improve life, Next-Gen human evolves"   Ethical Technology  Jan 20, 2014

"Time Travel: move over Michael J. Fox, real time travel may soon become reality"   Ethical Technology  Jan 13, 2014

"The Singularity promises great benefits, but can we brave the risks"   Ethical Technology  Jan 7, 2014

"Rewriting our DNA promises amazing benefits, experts say"   Ethical Technology  Dec 30, 2013

"#3 Parallel Worlds exist and will soon be testable, expert says"   Ethical Technology  Dec 27, 2013

"Christmas 2038: a glimpse of changes to expect in the next 25 years"   Ethical Technology  Dec 25, 2013

"#6 Love-‘bots: future robots could become ideal lovers, experts say"   Ethical Technology  Dec 24, 2013

"#10 The difference between people and machine will blur as we trek through the decades ahead"   Ethical Technology  Dec 20, 2013

"Non-biological brains could become reality by the 2050s"   Ethical Technology  Dec 16, 2013

"#16 ‘Big Bang’ Theory Wrong?"   Ethical Technology  Dec 14, 2013

"Future of surveillance: a world that anticipates our every move"   Ethical Technology  Dec 10, 2013

"Love-‘bots: future robots could become ideal lovers, experts say"   Ethical Technology  Dec 2, 2013

"Thanksgiving 2063: ‘Turkey Day’ 50 years into the future"   Ethical Technology  Nov 25, 2013

"Tomorrow’s Wars: bio-weapons, mind-control; is nothing sacred?"   Ethical Technology  Nov 13, 2013

"Understanding consciousness: our future may depend on it"   Ethical Technology  Nov 4, 2013

"New you in ten years: biotech leads the way"   Ethical Technology  Oct 28, 2013

"83 years of technology advances; but best yet to come"   Ethical Technology  Oct 21, 2013

"Medical technologies could provide indefinite lifespan by 2030, experts say"   Ethical Technology  Oct 14, 2013

"The 21st Century: a global civilization heads for the stars"   Ethical Technology  Oct 7, 2013

"Time travel: in our high-tech future, this ‘freak of nature’ could happen"   Ethical Technology  Oct 1, 2013

"Half of U.S. jobs may be lost to automation in 2 decades, report says"   Ethical Technology  Sep 23, 2013

"Scientists create false memories by manipulating neurons"   Ethical Technology  Sep 16, 2013

"Synthetic life promises ‘magical future’"   Ethical Technology  Sep 10, 2013

"2030s Cognitive Machines: a glimpse of life in a future wonderworld"   Ethical Technology  Sep 3, 2013

"2013-2063: trekking through the next 50 years"   Ethical Technology  Aug 27, 2013

"Wormholes could one day open the cosmos for human exploration"   Ethical Technology  Aug 20, 2013

"Information Technologies Drive The Future"   Ethical Technology  Aug 19, 2013

"Major changes in healthcare forecast for future"   Ethical Technology  Aug 12, 2013

"End of aging within reach, experts say"   Ethical Technology  Aug 5, 2013

"Enhanced post-humans face Star Trek-like future"   Ethical Technology  Jul 29, 2013

"Get ready to be pampered by household robots in next decade"   Ethical Technology  Jul 23, 2013

"Trekking our evolutionary maze: powerful bodies, end of death; more"   Ethical Technology  Jul 16, 2013

"Simulating The Deceased"   Ethical Technology  Jul 12, 2013

"Stem cells could rejuvenate oldest humans to indefinite lifespan"   Ethical Technology  Jul 9, 2013

"Year 2500: the new humans take their place as a space-faring society"   Ethical Technology  Jul 2, 2013

"Search for ETs: discovery could happen in 1-3 decades, experts say"   Ethical Technology  Jun 24, 2013

"My Brain, Life, Future"   Ethical Technology  Jun 21, 2013

"Scientists explore ways to transform hostility into peaceful thoughts"   Ethical Technology  Jun 18, 2013

"Molecular nanotech: So long, scarcity, hello healthier, longer lives"   Ethical Technology  Jun 11, 2013

"Automated systems: incredible world will soon be ours to enjoy"   Ethical Technology  Jun 9, 2013

"Journey to the 22nd century: global village, space life, FTL travel, more"   Ethical Technology  Jun 4, 2013

"Synthetic biology: improved medicine, biofuels, ‘growing’ houses"   Ethical Technology  May 28, 2013

"End of Eating Food"   Ethical Technology  May 25, 2013

"The singularity: merging human/machine to achieve immortality"   Ethical Technology  May 21, 2013

"Organ, tissue replacement could end aging by mid-2020s"   Ethical Technology  May 14, 2013

"Radical life extension: living a 1,000 year lifespan"   Ethical Technology  May 7, 2013

"Life in the 2040s: nanofactories, flying cars, household robots, more"   Ethical Technology  Apr 30, 2013

"Is traveling back in time impossible? Experts say maybe not"   Ethical Technology  Apr 24, 2013

"Jobs, humans, and machines: Implications for society"   Ethical Technology  Apr 16, 2013

"Consciousness: new research projects could unravel its mysteries"   Ethical Technology  Apr 9, 2013

"The difference between people and machine will blur as we trek through the decades ahead."   Ethical Technology  Apr 6, 2013

"Overpopulated Earth? No problem, experts say; technologies to the rescue"   Ethical Technology  Apr 2, 2013

"Is Immortality In Our Future?"   Ethical Technology  Mar 28, 2013

"The human experience: cave-dwellers to an amazing ‘magical future’"   Ethical Technology  Mar 26, 2013

"End of aging: life in a world where people no longer grow old and die"   Ethical Technology  Mar 19, 2013

"Earth 2050: End of death, advanced robots, flying cars, enhanced brains, developing space"   Ethical Technology  Mar 13, 2013

"Stem cells and bioprinters take aim at heart disease, cancer, aging"   Ethical Technology  Mar 5, 2013

"‘Big Bang’ Theory Wrong?"   Ethical Technology  Mar 3, 2013

"Future of relationships: monogamy vs. promiscuity; the winner is…"   Ethical Technology  Feb 26, 2013

"Brain Implants: to thought-talk, control machines, enhance memory"   Ethical Technology  Feb 19, 2013

"Are we alone? Probably not, but are we looking in the right place?"   Ethical Technology  Feb 18, 2013

"Tomorrow’s robots: get ready for human-machine romances"   Ethical Technology  Feb 12, 2013

"ETs: Experts predict we may discover them soon"   Ethical Technology  Feb 9, 2013

"Kardashev Civilizations: Star Trek-like world in our future"   Ethical Technology  Feb 5, 2013

"Technologies could one day enable us to simulate the deceased"   Ethical Technology  Feb 4, 2013

"Talking about positive future could help make it happen"   Ethical Technology  Feb 3, 2013

"Mind-Boggling Future"   Ethical Technology  Jan 31, 2013

"‘Big Brother’ watching: creating a safer world; or goodbye privacy"   Ethical Technology  Jan 29, 2013

"Brain enhancements will play a major role in determining the future"   Ethical Technology  Jan 26, 2013

"Indefinite lifespan possible in 20 years, expert predicts"   Ethical Technology  Jan 22, 2013

"End of Death"   Ethical Technology  Jan 20, 2013

"Will tomorrow’s technologies make us less human?"   Ethical Technology  Jan 17, 2013

"Correcting faulty DNA: stronger bodies, smarter minds, longer lives"   Ethical Technology  Jan 15, 2013

"Positive Beliefs"   Ethical Technology  Jan 10, 2013

"Ageless Bodies Without Sickness"   Ethical Technology  Jan 9, 2013

"Sentient machines: the next step in human evolution"   Ethical Technology  Jan 8, 2013

"Future Technology Could Eliminate the Need to Eat Food"   Ethical Technology  Jan 7, 2013


The Sad Passing of a Positive Futurist (Jul 22, 2014)

IEET Affiliate Scholar, Dick Pelletier, Hospitalized for Stage 5 Parkinson’s Disease (Jul 15, 2014)

An Economist/Philosopher, a Journalist/Politician and a Futurist Enter the IEET Bar.. (Jan 26, 2014)

Top Hitting Articles for November (Nov 29, 2012)


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