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IEET > Directors > Giulio Prisco

Giulio Prisco

Giulio Prisco is a physicist and computer scientist, and former senior manager in the European space administration. Giulio works as a consultant and contributes to several science and technology magazines. In 2002-2008 he served on the Board of Directors of Humanity Plus, of which he was Executive Director, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Italian Transhumanist Association.  He is often in Hungary, Italy and Spain. You can find more about Giulio at his Turing Church, RSS feed and skefi'a science/fiction, RSS feed.

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Giulio Prisco

The Three-Body Problem, by Liu Cixin, wins the Hugo Award for best novel

Don’t worry, intelligent life will reverse the slow death of the universe

A Sincere Question For Those Who Identify as ‘Religious’

Thoughts on Submission, Islam, and the West

Modern Cosmism Conference, New York, October 10


Between Ape and Artilect: Conversations with Pioneers of AGI and Other Transformative Technologies by Ben Goertzel ed. (2014)

Longevitize!: Essays on the Science, Philosophy & Politics of Longevity by ed. Franco Cortese (2013)


"Why We Should Preserve the Privacy and Spirit of Bitcoin"   Ethical Technology  Aug 26, 2015

"The Three-Body Problem, by Liu Cixin, Wins the Hugo Award for Best Novel"   Turing Church  Aug 25, 2015

"Don’t Worry, Intelligent Life Will Reverse the Slow Death of the Universe"   Turing Church  Aug 13, 2015

"UnSingularity - Let’s Enjoy the Slow Hike to the Future"   Turing Church  May 14, 2015

"The nanobots are coming back"  Mar 10, 2015

"Virtual reality a new frontier for religions"  Feb 14, 2015

"Religion in the Time of Superintelligence"  Feb 8, 2015

"You Am Us"  Feb 5, 2015

"Cosmism in “Transcendence: The Disinformation Encyclopedia of Transhumanism and the Singularity”"   Giulio Prisco  Jan 6, 2015

"The Turing Church and Open Source Religion: Ben Goertzel Interviews Giulio Prisco"   Ethical Technology  Dec 25, 2014

"#24: Cosmic Beings: Transhumanist Deism in Ted Chu’s Cosmic View"   Ethical Technology  Dec 15, 2014

"Orion, a small step toward our future in space"  Dec 8, 2014

"The Three-Body Problem, classic science fiction with China flavor"  Nov 30, 2014

"Living, intelligent patterns in Conway’s Life"   Giulio Prisco  Sep 15, 2014

"Thoughts on Bostrom’s ‘Superintelligence’"  Aug 28, 2014

"“Transcendence” A Movie Review"  Aug 19, 2014

"Virtually Sacred, by Robert Geraci – religion in World of Warcraft and Second Life"  Jul 3, 2014

"Octavia Butlers fictional religion of ‘Earthseed’ inspires real religious movement"  Jun 20, 2014

"Slow unSingularity – so what? Reply to George Dvorsky and Ramez Naam"  Jun 13, 2014

"Charlie Stross is wrong, Bitcoin is a social equalizer"  May 27, 2014

"Prof. Hawking, the AIs will BE US"   Ethical Technology  May 8, 2014

"A dirty little secret: books are free (and so should be readers and writers)"  May 4, 2014

"Back to the future in the Metaverse"  Apr 23, 2014

"Cosmic Beings: Transhumanist Deism in Ted Chu’s Cosmic View"   Ethical Technology  Feb 12, 2014

"The undiscreet and unPC charm of vintage science fiction"  Nov 23, 2013

"Zoe Bach’s ‘Quantum Zen’ as a ‘Third Way’ scientific religion"  Nov 10, 2013

"Life and The Computational Problem of Evil"   Turing Church  Jun 22, 2013

"Meet the smi2ling New Believers"   Turing Church  Jun 18, 2013

"The Transhumanist Wager: book review"   Kurzweil AI  Jun 11, 2013

"Space street art! Our first graffiti in space"   Turing Church  Apr 26, 2013

"The coming Golden Age of neurotech"   Turing Church  Mar 18, 2013

"The meek shall inherit the earth, the rest of us are going to the stars"   Turing Church  Jan 14, 2013

"Cosmic Religions for Space Colonization"   Turing Church  Dec 30, 2012

"Snow Crash(ed) in Second Life (end 2012)"  Dec 24, 2012

"Slow progress of fast McSingularity? Or what?"   Turing Church  Dec 15, 2012

"The BIG Infinite Fractal Onion Universe"   Turing Church  Dec 6, 2012

"Is consciousness a quantum mystery?"   Turing Church  Nov 21, 2012

"How to make Cosmism appealing and popular"   Ethical Technology  Oct 30, 2012

"Rudy Rucker and Science Fiction Religions"   Turing Church  Oct 20, 2012

"“Let a Thousand Turtles Fly,” in the Quest for Joyful Immortality"   Turing Church  Sep 30, 2012

"Human+, a novel about transhumanism and spirituality by Martin Higgins"   Turing  Sep 20, 2012

"Please Donate to the Venturist Society To Save a Life"   Turing Church  Sep 3, 2012

"The God Problem: How A Godless Cosmos Creates (Book Review)"   KurzweilAI  Aug 21, 2012

"The Praxis, by Dirk Bruere (Book Review)"   Turing Church  Aug 19, 2012

"How to Cope with Death: the Cosmist ‘Third Way’"   Turing Church  Aug 13, 2012

"Could Reincarnation be Real?"   Turing Church  Jul 1, 2012

"The Physics of Miracles and the Problem of Evil"   Turing Church  Jun 30, 2012

"Happy birthday Alan Turing, I hope to meet you someday"   Turing Church  Jun 26, 2012

"The first Terran shots against the Cosmists"   Turing Church  Jun 18, 2012

"Biological Intelligence is Only a Transitory Phenomenon"   Turing Church  Jun 5, 2012

"Yes, I Am a Believer"   Turing Church  May 23, 2012

"Mind Uploading, Vitology, and Crystal Minds"   Turing Church  May 21, 2012

"Becoming Cyber Angels"   Turing Church  May 10, 2012

"In Praise of Soft Rationality and Rational Spirituality"   Turing Church  May 5, 2012

"Goodbye Fred Chamberlain, see you soon"   Giulio Prisco  Apr 2, 2012

"Watching Big Brother: reality politics"   Ethical Technology  Mar 25, 2012

"Russian Cosmism, Transhumanism and Space Exploration"   Turing Church  Mar 17, 2012

"A real Apollo 18, open source and crowd-funded, and then to the stars"   Turing Church  Mar 8, 2012

"Future Day"   Turing Church  Mar 4, 2012

"Back to the 60s, Back to the Future, and Onwards to the Stars"   Space Collective  Feb 22, 2012

"Bankers and Bureaucrats vs. Internet Freedom"   Ethical Technology  Feb 6, 2012

"The Perils and the Promises of Mind Uploading"   Space Collective  Feb 1, 2012

"Turing Church online workshop"   KurzweilAI  Jan 23, 2012

"Sexual Freedom - an interview with VenusPlusX"   telexlr8  Jan 11, 2012

"Transcendent Engineering"   Journal of Personal Cyberconsciousness  Dec 28, 2011

"Why Technoprogressives Should Join the Pirate Party"   Ethical Technology  Oct 10, 2011

"Transhumanist Avatars Storm Second Life"   H Plus Magazine  Sep 24, 2011

"Technological Transcendence: An Interview with Giulio Prisco"   H+ Magazine  Mar 23, 2011

"Book Review - A Cosmist Manifesto: Practical Philosophy for the Posthuman Age, by Ben Goertzel"   Giulio Prisco  Jul 22, 2010

"Workshop on Advancing Substrate Independent Minds Held in Teleplace"   Giulio Prisco Blog  Jun 18, 2010

"Telepresence Education for a Smarter World"   Giulio Prisco  May 30, 2010

"Future Evolution of Virtual Worlds as Communication Environments"   in Online Worlds: Convergence of the Real and the Virtual  Mar 6, 2010

"Advocating Visionary Futurism and Practical Technoprogressivism"   Transumanar  Dec 28, 2009

"The Telepathic Communication Era"   cosmi2le  Sep 13, 2009

"In Praise of Bill Bainbridge’s “Religion for a Galactic Civilization 2.0”"   cosmi2le  Aug 21, 2009

"Teilhard and Transhumanism"   Transumanar  Jan 20, 2009

"Italian Transhumanist Manifesto"   Italian Transhumanist Association  Jul 29, 2008

"Facebook, the Pub and the Singularity"   Transumanar  Jan 15, 2008

"Religions for a Galactic Civilization"   Transumanar  Dec 4, 2007

"In Defense of Superlativity"   Transumanar  Nov 27, 2007

"Life 2.0: Augmentationists in Second Life and beyond"   Transumanar  Aug 13, 2007

"Soft Tiplerianism"   Transumanar  May 30, 2007

"DIY Cancer Therapy: Should dying people be allowed to experiment?"   Transumanar  Apr 2, 2007

"Toward the open distributed Metaverse"   Transumanar  Jan 31, 2007

"Considerations on the development of the transhumanist movement"   Transumanar  Dec 31, 2006

"Living forever in the Metaverse"  Jul 29, 2006

"The Near Future of the Metaverse"  Jul 10, 2006

"Real Virtuality in your Second Life and beyond"   FutureTAG  Apr 25, 2006

"Globalization and Open Source Nano Economy"   Nanotechnology Perceptions 2(1) March 27, 2006  Mar 27, 2006

"Transhumanismo, una propuesta filosofica para el tercer milenio"   tendencias 21  Oct 13, 2005

"Engineering Transcendence"   Transumanar  Dec 1, 2004

"Transhumanismo, una propuesta filosófica para el tercer milenio"  Oct 12, 2004

Upcoming Appearances

Hughes, Prisco, Goertzel @ Modern Cosmism Conference (NYC, NY USA - Oct 10, 2015)

Recent Multimedia

Sex and the Art of Cosmic Governance, on Venus+X   2014-07-05

Back To The Future In The Metaverse   2014-05-20

Futurists discuss The Transhumanist Wager   2013-10-22

Giulio Prisco Interviewing Dirk Bruere on The Praxis Book   2013-01-13

The End Is Not The End   2012-08-26

‪8th Annual Virtual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology in Second Life‬   2012-07-24

VenusPlusX interview by Giulio Prisco   2012-01-11

Beyond the Soul   2011-12-13

Virtual immersionists and augmentationists   2008-02-24

Transvision 2007 - July 23-26, 2007 - Chicago   2007-06-09


Top Hitting Articles for November (Nov 29, 2012)

Giulio Prisco will discuss The Singularity, at conference in Madrid (Sep 14, 2012)

Getting Mental with Giulio Prisco (Sep 14, 2010)

Cosmic Engineers Defend Transhumanism’s Radicalism (Jan 17, 2009)

Giulio Presents Nano to the EuroScience Community (Oct 04, 2008)

Report on Terasem’s Geoethical Nano Conf in SL (Jul 29, 2008)

Pitching H+ in Lausanne (Jan 30, 2007)

Audio of IEET Programs talk in SL online (Jul 04, 2006)

Building Technoprogress through the Multiverse (Jul 02, 2006)

IEET Convergencia in Madrid (Mar 12, 2006)

Bostrom, Hughes and Prisco address Congress on Technology and Europe, Madrid, October 6, 2005 (Sep 29, 2005)

Past Appearances

Terasem Seminar on Teilhard de Chardin (Second Life - Jul 20, 2015)

Giulio Prisco on “The Turing Church of Transcendent Engineering” (Salt Lake City Public Library, SLC, UT USA - Apr 06, 2012)

Cascio, de Grey, Goertzel, Prisco, Rothblatt, Treder, Vita-More @ Transvision 2010 (Milan, Italy - Oct 22, 2010)

Giulio on Nano @ Nano Veritas (Paris, France - Aug 28, 2008)

Geoethical Nanotechnology Workshop (Terasem Island, Second Life - Jul 20, 2008)

Hughes, de Grey, Bostrom and more @ Transvision 2007 (Chicago, IL USA - Jul 24, 2007)

Seminar on Transhumanism and Religion in Second Life (Uvvy Island, Second Life - Apr 29, 2007)

Prisco debates H+ at the U of Lausanne (Lausanne, Switzerland - Jan 24, 2007)

Digital Civilizations Forum (Paris, France - Oct 05, 2006)

On Transhumanism - Second Life/Barcelona (Second Life - Apr 22, 2006)

Hughes, Prisco, Treder & de Grey at Conf on Sci-Tech (Madrid, Spain - Mar 09, 2006)


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