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Susan Schneider

Susan Schneider is a Fellow of the IEET and an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, University of Connecticut.  She focuses on issues involving the philosophy of cognitive science and, in particular, the plausibility of computational theories of mind and theoretical issues in artificial intelligence. Her books include The Language of Thought: a New Direction, The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness (with Max Velmans), and Science Fiction and Philosophy. In a book she is currently working on, The Mind-­Body Problem, she urges that neglected issues in metaphysics should lead us to revise, or even discard, leading approaches to the mind and person, and she advances a different sort of approach, one that is grounded in metaphysics. Her papers have appeared in journals such as Nous, Mind and Language, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, and Philosophical Studies.

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The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness by Max Velmans (Editor), Susan Schneider (Editor)  (2006)


"It May Not Feel Like Anything To Be an Alien"   Cosmos Nautilus   Dec 18, 2016

"The Problem of AI Consciousness"  Mar 22, 2016

"Goodbye, Little Green Men"   Huffington Post  Mar 7, 2016

"The Philosophy of ‘Her’"   The New York Times  Mar 3, 2014

"Future Minds: Transhumanism, Cognitive Enhancement and the Nature of Persons"   UPenn Center for Cognitive Neuroscience Working Paper  Feb 5, 2009

Recent Multimedia

AI, Transhumanism & Merging with Superintelligence   2015-03-09

Conversations on Neuroscience and Society   2013-10-30

The Neuroethics of Lie Detection   2013-10-29

How Might Our Great-Great-Grandchildren Think (and Will They Still Be Human?)   2010-05-14

Transhumanism: Does Enhancement Kill “You”?   2009-05-10


IEET Fellow Susan Schneider Interviewed in the cover story for The Humanist (Sept/Oct) (Sep 04, 2014)

Susan Schneider Wins Essay Award (Feb 11, 2010)

Past Appearances

Seminar on Susan Schneider’s Work (Lisbon, Portugal - Jun 23, 2016)

Sorgner, Schneider on “Transhumanism and Immortality” (Hull, UK - May 20, 2015)

Schneider on Extraterrestrial Intelligence @ Astrobiology Symposium (Washington D.C., USA - Sep 18, 2014)

Vita-More, de Grey, Pearce @ London Futurists’ Anticipating 2025 (London, UK - Mar 22, 2014)


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The IEET is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization registered in the State of Connecticut in the United States.

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