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Home enhancement

by Ilkka Vuorikuru

As the world gets more and more wired, the wire has to turn inside, that is: inside our culture. This means more of our everyday experiences are liable to change. And it’s very likely that our slow pacing culture will fall behind.

Celebrating Longevity on the International “Future Day” March 1

by Ilia Stambler

Since 2012, there has been a global initiative to institute March 1 as an international “Future Day” dedicated to envisioning and working for a better future.

New Chapter in the Story of Dehumanization

by Ilkka Vuorikuru

Last week I really thought that people like Francis Fukuyama and Jürgen Habermas have been right all along. Both have claimed in different writings that modern (and especially future) technology will cause our fragile human nature to deteriorate and in effect dehumanize us and our societies.[1]

An open PhD project about transhumanism Hot & new consumer electronics are here

by Ilkka Vuorikuru

Highway to the future or a technocultural dystopia unfolding?




18 Nations Join the “Longevity Party”

The Longevity Party - started by IEET contributors Ilia Stambler and Maria Konovalenko - already has chapters in 18 nations, after only two months of existence: Russia, the US, Israel, Finland, Georgia, Canada, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Mexico, Uganda, South Africa, Korea, Philippines, Singapore.

Full Story...

Does Transhumanism Create New Social Relations?

by Ilkka Vuorikuru

Does Transhumanism, as a social movement, have the power to transform human society? Is technology shaping us or we it?


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