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Wallach, Hughes, Rothblatt, Swan, Baum @ World Technology Summit

November 20, 2015


11:35 AM - 12:15

PANEL: “A Dangerous Master: How to Keep Technology from Slipping Beyond Our Control”

Wendell Wallach (Moderator and author of book by the same name) - consultant, ethicist, and scholar at Yale University’s Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics. He is also a senior advisor to The Hastings Center, a fellow at the Center for Law, Science & Innovation at the Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law (Arizona State University), and a fellow at the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technology.

Martine Rothblatt – Lawyer, Author, CEO of United Therapeutics and creator of GeoStar and Sirius Radio

John Horgan - science journalist and author of The End of Science

Gregory E. Kaebnick - author of Humans in Nature: The World As We Find It and the World As We Create It

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2:05pm PANEL: “The World in 2025, 2035, and 2045”

Moderator: Dr. James Hughes - Executive Director, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

Seth Baum PhD, Executive Director, Global Catastrophic Risk Institute

Melanie Swan, Philosophy and Econ. Theory, The New School for Social Research; Founder, Institute for Blockchain Studies

David Biello, Senior Reporter, Energy & Environment, Scientific American

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The IEET is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization registered in the State of Connecticut in the United States.

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