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Stambler and Omowole will speak at World Lumen Congress 2016

Posted: Jan 31, 2016

IEET Affiliate Scholar Ilia Stambler and IEET contributing writer Agbolade Omowole will be speaking at the World Lumen Congress 2016 in Iasi, Romania, from April 12-17.


World LUMEN Congress will explore new approaches in social and humanistic fields, through its theme “Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty”, by bringing international academics, practitioners and experts together.

The goal of WLC2016 focuses on the interferences between the new theoretical approaches and the social and educational practice, taking into account the need for an ethical resizing of the social action.

Logos | aims to expose certain theoretical paradigms on social action, specific to the postmodern and transmodern paradigm, and the re-contextualization of the influences of modernity.

Universality | seeks the universalization of social and communicational paradigms, and their contextual applicability in the current communicational Universe.

Mentality | causes reflection upon the acceptability of new dimensions of knowledge and the relationship between mind and consciousness, of the different cultural and communicational perspectives.

Education | aims at the multidimensional approach of education in the context of the paradigmatic mutations generated by the switch towards the society of knowledge.

More information on the event is here

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