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A History of Life-Extensionism in the Twentieth Century
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Sex Work, Technological Unemployment and the Basic Income Guarantee

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IEET > Staff > J. Hughes

James Hughes

James Hughes Ph.D., the Executive Director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, is a bioethicist and sociologist at Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut where he teaches health policy and serves as Director of Institutional Research and Planning. He holds a doctorate in sociology from the University of Chicago, where he also taught bioethics at the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics. Dr. Hughes is author of Citizen Cyborg: Why Democratic Societies Must Respond to the Redesigned Human of the Future , and is working on a second book tentatively titled Cyborg Buddha. From 1999-2011 he produced a syndicated weekly radio program, Changesurfer Radio.

Dr. Hughes is a Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a member of Humanity+, the Neuroethics Society, the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities and the Working Group on Ethics and Technology at Yale University. He serves on the State of Connecticut Regenerative Medicine Research Advisory Committee (formerly known as the Stem Cell Research Advisory Board).

Dr. Hughes speaks on medical ethics, health care policy and future studies worldwide.

Dr. Hughes is available for media interviews.

Office tel: 860-297-2376, 860-428-1837
E-mail: director at
Skype: citizencyborg
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Intelligence Unbound: The Future of Uploaded and Machine Minds by Russell Blackford and Damien Broderick eds. (2014)

The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays by eds. Max More and Natasha Vita-More (2013)

Citizen Cyborg: Why Democratic Societies Must Respond to the Redesigned Human of the Future by James Hughes (2004)


"Enhancing Virtues: Intelligence (Part 2)"   Ethical Technology  Sep 10, 2014

"Enhancing Virtues: Intelligence (part 1)"   Ethical Technology  Sep 5, 2014

"Enhancing Virtues: Caring (part 3)"   Ethical Technology  Sep 3, 2014

"Enhancing Virtues: Caring (part 2)"   Ethical Technology  Sep 1, 2014

"Enhancing Virtues: Caring (part 1)"   Ethical Technology  Aug 29, 2014

"Enhancing Virtues: Self-Control and Mindfulness"   Ethical Technology  Aug 19, 2014

"Enhancing Virtues: Positivity"   Ethical Technology  Aug 15, 2014

"Enhancing Virtues: Building the Virtues Control Panel"   Ethical Technology  Jul 28, 2014

"Ethical Arguments for the Use of Cognitive Enhancing Drugs (Part Two)"   Ethical Technology  Mar 14, 2014

"Are We Obligated to Make Ourselves More Moral and Intelligent? (Part One)"   Ethical Technology  Mar 13, 2014

"A Strategic Opening for a Basic Income Guarantee in the Global Crisis"   Journal of Evolution and Technology  Feb 18, 2014

"Are Technological Unemployment and a Basic Income Guarantee Inevitable or Desirable?"   Journal of Evolution and Technology  Feb 17, 2014

"What will jail terms be like when humans can live for centuries?"   io9  Nov 15, 2013

"Of Dogs and Disabilities"   Ethical Technology  Sep 29, 2013

"It’s Hard to be a Fat Transhumanist"   Ethical Technology  Jul 31, 2013

"Transhumanism, Technoprogressivism and Singularitarianism: What are the Differences?"   Ethical Technology  Jul 28, 2013

"Parental Autonomy versus the Rights of Children to Enablement"   Ethical Technology  Jul 25, 2013

"Personhood and the Use of Animals"   Ethical Technology  Jul 21, 2013

"Who are the Technoprogressives?"   Ethical Technology  Jul 14, 2013

"The Politics of Transhumanism and the Techno-Millennial Imagination, 1626-2030"   Zygon  May 1, 2013

"Live-Blogging the Afternoon of Day Two of Humanity+ San Francisco"   Ethical Technology  Dec 2, 2012

"Live-Blogging the Morning of Day Two of Humanity+ San Francisco"   Ethical Technology  Dec 2, 2012

"Live-Blogging Morning of Day One of Humanity+ San Francisco"   Ethical Technology  Dec 1, 2012

"Buddhism and Cognitive Enhancement: Self-Control, Renunciation, Honesty, and Wisdom (Part 3)"   Ethical Technology  Oct 18, 2012

"Buddhism and Cognitive Enhancement - Chemical Happiness, Generosity and Loving-Kindness (Part 2)"   Ethical Technology  Oct 17, 2012

"Using Neurotechnologies to Develop Virtues - A Buddhist Approach to Cognitive Enhancement (Part 1)"   Ethical Technology  Oct 16, 2012

"Morality in a Pill?"   Ethical Technology  Oct 9, 2012

"How Do We Care For Future People?
 Buddhist and Jain Ideas for Reproductive Ethics (Part 3)"   Ethical Technology  Aug 31, 2012

"How Do We Care For Future People? Buddhist and Jain Ideas for Reproductive Ethics (Part 2)"   Ethical Technology  Aug 29, 2012

"How Do We Care For Future People?
 Buddhist and Jain Ideas for Reproductive Ethics (Part 1)"   Ethical Technology  Aug 27, 2012

"(Enhancing) The Moral Brain: Day Three (J.‘s Notes)"   Ethical Technology  Apr 1, 2012

"The Moral Brain: Day Two Afternoon (J.‘s Notes)"   Ethical Technology  Mar 31, 2012

"The Moral Brain: Day Two Morning (J.‘s Notes)"   Ethical Technology  Mar 31, 2012

"The Moral Brain: Day One (J.‘s Notes)"   Ethical Technology  Mar 30, 2012

"After Happiness, Cyborg Virtue"   Free Inquiry Dec 2011, 32(1)  Mar 21, 2012

"Buddhist Feminism (Part 4)"   Spring Wind: Buddhist Cultural Forum  Mar 8, 2012

"Buddhist Feminism (Part 3)"   Spring Wind: Buddhist Cultural Forum  Mar 7, 2012

"Buddhist Feminism (Part 2)"   Spring Wind: Buddhist Cultural Forum  Mar 6, 2012

"Buddhist Feminism (Part 1)"   Spring Wind: Buddhist Cultural Forum  Mar 5, 2012

"Compassionate AI and Selfless Robots: A Buddhist Approach"   Robot Ethics: The Ethical and Social Implications of Robotics  Dec 1, 2011

"Contradictions of the Enlightenment: Liberal Individualism versus the Erosion of Personal Identity"   Ethical Technology  Nov 19, 2011

"Some Brief Thoughts on How to Ensure a Good Future"   Ethical Technology  Jul 5, 2011

"Anders Sandberg on Progress in Mitigating Asteroid Impact Risks"   Ethical Technology  May 13, 2011

"#10: Problems of Transhumanism — Introduction"   Ethical Technology  Dec 22, 2010

"#23: Belief in Progress vs. Rational Uncertainty"   Ethical Technology  Dec 9, 2010

"#26: Liberal Democracy vs. Technocratic Absolutism"   Ethical Technology  Dec 6, 2010

"Final Transforming Humanity talk: Can Humanity Survive Evolutionary Engineering?"   Ethical Technology  Dec 4, 2010

"Live-blogging from the Transforming Humanity Conference: Emerging Tech, Hybrid Mice and Smart Drugs"   Ethical Technology  Dec 4, 2010

"Live-blogging from the Transforming Humanity Conference: What do we do with Posthumans?"   Ethical Technology  Dec 4, 2010

"Live-blogging from the Transforming Humanity Conference: Neuroethics and Biopolitics"   Ethical Technology  Dec 4, 2010

"Live-blogging from the Transforming Humanity Conference: The Left Bio-Cons Open Fire"   Ethical Technology  Dec 4, 2010

"Live-blogging from the Transforming Humanity Conference Day 1 Part 2"   Ethical Technology  Dec 3, 2010

"Live-blogging from the Transforming Humanity Conference Day 1 Part 1"   Ethical Technology  Dec 3, 2010

"Never Say Die: A Slate/New America Seminar on Radical Life Extension"   New America Foundation  Nov 16, 2010

"Skrying Excremental Fans from Idaho and Manhattan"   Ethical Technology  Aug 31, 2010

"What are Reproductive Rights?"   Ethical Technology  Aug 13, 2010

"Apocalypse No"   Ethical Technology  Jun 26, 2010

"Futurisms Takes My Favorite Picture at H+"   Pop Transhumanism  Jun 21, 2010

"Day 2 Afternoon Liveblogging H Summit"   Ethical Technology  Jun 13, 2010

"Day 2 Morning Liveblogging H+ Summit"   Ethical Technology  Jun 13, 2010

"Day 1 Afternoon of H+ Summit: Rise of the Citizen Scientist"   Ethical Technology  Jun 12, 2010

"Day 1 Morning of H+ Summit: Rise of the Citizen Scientist"   Ethical Technology  Jun 12, 2010

"Defining Disability in an Age of Enhancement"   Ethical Technology  May 31, 2010

"Beyond the Human Race — and “Human-Racism”"   io9  May 12, 2010

"Responding to Ron Bailey on Health Care"   Ethical Technology  Apr 20, 2010

"Problems of Transhumanism: Belief in Progress vs. Rational Uncertainty"   Ethical Technology  Mar 1, 2010

"Problems of Transhumanism: Moral Universalism vs. Relativism"   Ethical Technology  Feb 8, 2010

"Problems of Transhumanism: Liberal Democracy vs. Technocratic Absolutism"   Ethical Technology  Jan 23, 2010

"Problems of Transhumanism: Atheism vs. Naturalist Theologies"   Ethical Technology  Jan 14, 2010

"Problems of Transhumanism: The Unsustainable Autonomy of Reason"   Ethical Technology  Jan 8, 2010

"Problems of Transhumanism: Introduction"   Ethical Technology  Jan 6, 2010

"TechnoProgressive Biopolitics and Human Enhancement"   Progress in Bioethics, ed. Jonathan Moreno and Sam Berger, 2010, MIT Press, pp. 163-188  Dec 10, 2009

"Technoprogressive Thankfulness"   Ethical Technology  Nov 26, 2009

"Stefano Vaj and the Complicated Politics of Italian Transhumanism"   Ethical Technology  Oct 5, 2009

"An Epistle on H+ to the Italian Catholics"   Humanity+  Sep 10, 2009

"Bioethics and Health Insurance"   Ethical Technology  Aug 31, 2009

"Social Pressures for Technological Mood Management"   Free Inquiry  Jul 30, 2009

"On Democratic Transhumanism"   Re-Public  Jun 24, 2009

"Moral Relativism vs. Moral Authority"   Ethical Technology  Jun 5, 2009

"Toward a Technoprogressive Manifesto"   Ethical Technology  May 30, 2009

"Five Major Changes to American Life By 2020"   Ethical Technology  May 21, 2009

"Choosing Our Imaginary Communities and Identities"   Ethical Technology  May 18, 2009

"Embodiment, Compassion and Secular Ethics"   Ethical Technology  Apr 16, 2009

"Transhumanist politics, 1700 to the near future"   Re-Public  Apr 10, 2009

"Human Enhancement & Nanotechnology Liveblogging Part 1"   Ethical Technology  Mar 28, 2009

"Strengthening Transnational Governance to Mitigate Risks"   Accelerating Future  Dec 8, 2008

"Libertopian Doublethink on the Singularity"   Ethical Technology  Oct 27, 2008

"Review: Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population"   Times Higher Education  Jun 9, 2008

"Millennial Tendencies in Responses to Apocalyptic Threats"   in Global Catastrophic Risks eds. Nick Bostrom and Milan M. Cirkovic. Oxford University Press. 2008. pgs 72-89  Apr 14, 2008

"Postgenderism: Beyond the Gender Binary (IEET White Paper 03)"   IEET White Paper Series  Mar 20, 2008

"Pondering the Future of Death Over A Mojito"   New Scientist  Dec 7, 2007

"Promoting BioFuturist Policy Brainstorming Among the Young"   Ethical Technology  Nov 30, 2007

"Virtue Engineering"   People Database  Nov 20, 2007

"Waiting for the Great Leap…Forward?"   People's Database  Nov 2, 2007

"Situationist Challenge to Cyborg Buddhism?"   Ethical Technology  Oct 22, 2007

"Technocitizenship, innovation and the biopolitics of medical devices"   (an edited version was published in Medical Device Daily)  Sep 26, 2007

"The struggle for a smarter world"   Futures 39(8) Oct 2007: 942-954  Aug 8, 2007

"Global Technology Regulation and Potentially Apocalyptic Technological Threats"   forthcoming in Nanoethics: The Ethical and Social Implications of Nanotechnology  Jul 2, 2007

"Ensuring Universal Access to Enhancing Technologies"   Ethical Technology  Jun 27, 2007

"Sex Selection and Women’s Reproductive Rights"   Ethical Technology  May 10, 2007

Upcoming Appearances

Hughes @ Juniata H+ Conference (Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA USA - Jul 26, 2015)

Hughes, Vita-More, de Grey, Roux @ TransVision 2014 (Paris, France - Nov 20, 2014)

Hughes, Walker @ Basic Income Reddit AMA (1pm EDT) (Reddit/Futurism - Sep 20, 2014)

Recent Multimedia

Turing Tests for Morality & Intimacy, Moral Enhancement & Digital Moral Assistants   2014-06-20

Moral Enhancement   2014-04-06

On Technoprogressivism (Full Interview)   2014-03-30

Radical mindfulness   2013-11-06

Google vs Death: an Anti Aging Initiative - Politics, Private vs Publicly Funded R&D   2013-10-02

Pandora’s Baby   2013-09-06

Mind Over Technology   2013-08-15

Dirty Liberals! Cleanliness Priming of Moral Cognition   2013-08-08

“We’ll PAY You Not To Have Kids”   2013-07-28

Virtue Theory and Moral Enhancement   2013-07-18


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Naam and Hughes Named Fellows of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences (Jun 15, 2005)

Past Appearances

Sorgner, Vita-More, Hughes @ Enhancement & Morality in the Digital Era (Suceava, Romania - Jul 20, 2014)

Basic Income Earth Network Congress (Montreal, Canada - Jun 27, 2014)

Hughes, Sorgner @ Mapping Trans- and Posthumanism as Fields of Discourses (Seoul, S. Korea - May 28, 2014)

Hughes, Brain @ Robots, unemployment, and basic income (Hangout on Air - May 11, 2014)

Hughes @ Translational Bodies: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (Prato, Italy - Apr 22, 2014)

Hughes, Wallach on TransHumanism (Trinity College, Hartford CT, USA - Apr 03, 2014)

Hughes @ Neuroethics and the Human Brain Project (Geneva, Switzerland - Mar 24, 2014)

Hughes, Walker @ Little BIG (NMSU, Las Cruces, NM USA - Feb 06, 2014)

Personhood Beyond the Human (Yale University, New Haven, CT USA - Dec 06, 2013)

Hughes @ Screening of Gattacca (Valhalla, NY USA - Oct 06, 2013)

Hughes & Sorgner @ Tedx Transmedia (Villa Farnesina, Rome, Italy - Sep 27, 2013)

Hughes, Wallach & LaGrandeur @ Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy and Ethics (Chandler, Arizona - May 20, 2013)

Hughes and Sorgner on Moral Enhancement @ Enhancement: Cognitive, Mood and Moral (Belgrade, Serbia - May 14, 2013)

Hughes on Life in 2033 (Hartford, CT USA - Apr 24, 2013)

Kuscewski, de Grey, Goertzel, Brin, Pearce, Cascio, Hughes, Glenn, Vita-More, Naam @ H+ SanFran 2012 (San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA USA - Dec 01, 2012)


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