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Riccardo Campa interviewed by Italian magazine

IEET Fellow Riccardo Campa was interviewed on April 12, 2006 on transhumanism, uploading, nanotechnology and the Singularity by the Italian magazine Futuro Prossimo.

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Treder to participate in futurist meeting

As part of their ongoing Humanity 3000 series, the Foundation For the Future is convening a special workshop called “Crossroads for Planet Earth” this week in Bellevue, Washington (USA).

Human population, extreme and widespread poverty, biodiversity, energy and environment, public health, world economies, global priorities—in so many arenas, humanity has reached a crossroads where decisions of monumental consequence will be made, either proactively or by default.

“The mandate we’ve given ...

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Misanthropic deep ecology, existential risks and TechnoGaianism

In Citizen Cyborg I point to misanthropic deep ecologists as the core, and creepingly influential, ideologists of the Green axis of bioconservatism, joining hands with their ideological opposites, the human-racists. Some commentators have scoffed at the the idea that nature-lovers who see humanity as the enemy are a significant group, apparently unaware of the debates that have roiled groups like EarthFirst! over the “beneficial” effects of AIDS.

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CRN Global Task Force Essays Available Online

The latest issue of the peer-reviewed journal Nanotechnology Perceptions includes eleven essays from members of the CRN Global Task Force, created in 2005 to explore the societal implications of this emerging technology.

A brief summary of the articles, taken from CRN’s press release.

Reacting to the huge risks of MM, some advocate that all research be halted. Our first two essays, “Nanotechnology Dangers and Defenses” by inventor and author Ray Kurzweil and “Molecular Manufacturing: ...

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The EU’s ENHANCE Project

ENHANCE is a specific targeted research project put together by the EU that examines the ethics of human enhancement within cognitive enhancement, life extension, mood enhancement, and physical performance. The goal of the project is to reach a deeper understanding of the ethical and philosophical issues of the use of these technologies beyond the purpose of therapy.

Transhumanist philosopher and neuroscientist Anders Sandberg is participating in the cognitive enhancement project. And Nick Bostrom‘s Future of Humanity Institute...

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Aubrey in the Guardian

I stopped trying to keep up with all of Aubrey’s media apperances a couple months ago, but I’m delighted to see reporters beginnging to get serious enough about the topic of longevity to connect it to the “pensions crisis,” which is just perfect given Olshansky et al’s about face on the need for anti-aging to secure the “longevity dividend.” Here’s how it comes up in Aubrey’s latest media appearance in The Guardian:

As for the “pensions time bomb”, De Grey argues that si...

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Majorities of Americans support universal healthcare, tech-pro policies

I don’t think I’d seen this encouraging Harris poll before, of 2,242 U.S. adults in Sept. 6- 12, 2005

“Please indicate whether you support or oppose the policy.”

Percent supporting:

96%  Medicare (health insurance for the elderly and disabled) 93%  Use of birth control/contraception 92%  Condom use to prevent HIV and other STDs 91%  Medicaid (health insurance for people with low incomes) 87%  Sex education in high school 87%  Funding of international HI...

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Andy’s Notes on the Martin Conference

These notes were posted by IEET Fellow Andy Miah on his blog:

Tomorrow’s People - Oxford, James Martin Institute, Said Business School

Here I am at the Oxford meeting, which is one of the most exciting and interesting I have attended. Major names are here from all kinds of disciplinary perspectives, philosophy, sociology, natural science. The sun is even shining here! The level of the debate is high and many issues exciting. I have already had conversations with Joel Garreu, James Hughes, Julian Savulescu, William Sims ...

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Hughes, Bostrom, de Grey talks at James Martin Conference online

I delivered two talks at the James Martin conference at Oxford, one on “human nature” and one on “how to create the cultural, political and policy context for universal access to safe enhancement technologies,” which are available onliine.

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IEET Considering New Priorities

Over the course of the summer of 2006 the IEET will be considering a new set of priorities and foci, to replace the current six programmatic emphases that we adopted from the WTA. There are many interesting policy areas that fit within a broader technoprogressive agenda, that are only peripherally related to the human enhancement agenda, such as energy policy, education, social welfare and employment policy, and international security, which could be addressed in more focused ways. There are also topics and constituencies which could more ef...