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Aubrey de Grey chat at the Chicago Chronicle

From the presentation to the chat:

Aubrey de Grey believes that some people alive right now could live to be 1,000 years old. Aging is not, in his view, inevitable, and medical science should be able to reverse its effects in the next decade or two. Mr. de Grey’s ideas have won him plenty of praise and criticism. Supporters say that Mr. de Grey is brilliant, if overly optimistic. Detractors say his theories are ludicrous, and point out that he never sets foot in a laboratory. But does Mr. de Grey’s ability to step back an...

IEET Conference: “Human Enhancement Technologies and Human Rights” Stanford Univ, May 26-28, 2006

Organized by the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

Co-Sponsors*: Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics, Stanford Center for Law and the Biosciences

*Sponsors list in formation   Much of the criticism of enhancement technologies has focused on the potential for increased discrimination against women, people of color, the poor, the differently enabled, or “unenhanced” humans. Some bioethicists have proposed a global treaty to ban enhancement technolo...

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Hughes, Joy, Ishiguro and Wilson on NPR Book Program

Listen here

Description of Show:

To The Best of Our Knowledge from Wisconsin Public Radio

FUTURE PERFECT Program 05-10-23-A

Consider this future world: a vaccine that makes you continually happy. A chip in your brain that lets you communicate telepathically with your spouse. Human lives that span hundreds of years. Sound far-fetched? Not according the James Hughes of the World Transhumanist Association. He says all this will happen. It’s not just a matter of when - not if. In this hour of To the Best o...

J. Hughes Reopens!

Great news: the IEET website... looking mostly the same. So why all the excitement? Because now that the site is running over a modern content engine, we’ll be much more efficient at keeping the site updated. More importantly, you will have a hand in that too.

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IEET News October 30, 2005

News of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

————————————————————————— Editor: Marcelo Rinesi - mrinesi(at)——————————————————————————

The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET) was ...

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Blackford publishes Kong Reborn

My new novel, Kong Reborn, has been released from ibooks (New York) and should be getting into stores very soon. This is a sequel to the original 1933 King Kong movie, set in the present and near future, and obviously in the world in which the original events of the movie took place. The premise is that samples of blood from the original Kong, who was killed by military planes in 1933, are used in a scientific race to clone the giant ape.

Apart from involving action and adventure, this plot also allows for a certain amount of (sympat...

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Greenwood Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy

I’ve just received my author’s copy of The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Themes, Works, and Wonders, edited by Gary Westfahl for Greenwood Press. It comes in three attractively gaudy hardback volumes which contain a total of 600 entries by about a quarter that number of contributors (each entry is 1000 words, including a short bibliography).

J. Hughes
Hughes to Address Hartford Drug Conference, Oct 22

The City of Hartford (Connecticut, USA) is hosting a ground-breaking conference on reforming urban drug policy, October 21-22, at Trinity College in Hartford. On Saturday, October 22, at 10:45, Dr. Hughes will address the meeting and moderate a panel on emerging rehabilitation technologies and their impacts on drug policy.

For more information, or to register:

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Bostrom, Hughes and Prisco address Congress on Technology and Europe, Madrid, October 6, 2005

On October 6, 2005,  IEET Chair Nick Bostrom, IEET Executive Director James Hughes, and IEET Board member Giulio Prisco will address a three day conference on the future of technology in Europe, being held in Madrid October 5-7

Special Issue of JET on Religion and Transhumanism

Religion & Transhumanism Issue (Vol. 14,  Issue 2 - August 2005)

Mark Walker and Heidi Campbell  "Introduction to Special Issue on Transhumanism and Religion"

John Hedley Brooke  "Visions of Perfectibility"

Patrick D. Hopkins  "Transcending the Animal: How Transhumanism and Religion Are and Are Not Alike"

Stephen Garner  "Transhumanism and Christian Social Concern" 

Michael LaTorra  "Trans-Spirit: Religi...