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Colin Farrelly

Colin Farrelly is currently Queen’s National Scholar in the Dept of Political Studies at Queen’s University.  Formerly, he was Associate Professor of Political Science (Cross-Appointed with Philosophy) at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Previous appointments include positions at Oxford University and the University of Manchester. Farrelly’s research interests are interdisciplinary and he has published articles in peer-reviewed journals in law, philosophy, politics and bioethics. His most recent book is entitled Justice, Democracy and Reasonable Agreement.


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"The Resilient Brain (great example of Positive Biology)"   In Search of Enlightenment   (Jul 3, 2013)

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"Perceiving the Health Impact of Evolution by Natural Selection"   Ethical Technology  (Feb 16, 2013)

"Teaching the Ethics of Life Extension"   Ethical Technology  (Feb 10, 2013)

"The Resilient Brain (great example of Positive Biology)"  (Jan 31, 2013)

"21st Century Humanism"   In Search of Enlightenment  (Nov 1, 2009)

"Idealism Meets Realism: Tackling Chronic Disease Via Age Retardation"   In Search of Enlightenment  (Oct 3, 2009)

"Political Theory and Aging Research"   In Search of Enlightenment  (Sep 24, 2009)

"Life Expectancy, Priorities and Aging Research"   In Search of Enlightenment  (Sep 20, 2009)

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