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David J. Kelley

Former CTO of a multinational software engineering firm with 20+ years of experienced focused on engineering ‘experience’ design and human machine interfaces where he also had to be a futurist and set technology strategy setting long term corporate vision around technology as well as leading high end research having helped show case technology in various keynote talks by people like Bill Gates, Ray Ozzie, Steve Ballmer and winning the industry award of MVP in the Microsoft world for 8 years straight.  Career high lights include designing the Nike Touch wall in NYC, Entertainment Tonight/Emmy Awards Streaming and more.  A published author and speaker; now the principal researcher for Artificial General Intelligence Inc a new startup building around a private research project on emotion based cognitive architecture for AGI systems and taking products based on AGI systems to market.

"Critical Nature of Emotions in Artificial General Intelligence"   Ethical Technology   (Sep 23, 2016)