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Marc Roux

Marc Roux is an Affiliate Scholar and Advisory Board member of the IEET who lives in Greece. He holds a bachelor of science, but his doctoral studies in medieval history have led him to an ongoing investigation of the identities and boundaries between the peoples of Europe. He has been an activist in the trade union movement and parties of the Left, and a teacher in the Parisian suburbs for ten years. In 2009, he co-founded the AFT - Technoprog, a French transhumanist/technoprogressive organization. Through Technoprog, he organized number of conferences in Paris on various aspects of transhumanism, three of which were at the University of the Sorbonne and TransVision 2014, the first transhumanist international colloquium in France.

Marc has been interviewed often on transhumanism and biopolitics in the French press, included by France Inter, France Culture, Liberation,  L’Obs, Marianne, 20 Minutes, Politis, etc. He contributed to the collective L’humain augmenté (Hermes edition, 2013) and wrote TECHNOPROG, le transhumanisme au service du progrès social (with Didier Coeurnelle, FYP edition, 2016). He is frequently consulted for universitary studies, others think tanks and even political parties.

TECHNOPROG, le transhumanisme au service du progrès social by Marc Roux and Didier Coeurnelle (2016)

"The hedonic treadmill (4/4) : Améliorer notre accès au bonheur ?"   Association Francaise Transhumaniste - Technoprog  (Feb 28, 2019)

"Bébés-CRISPR : Quelles questions éthiques ?"   Association Francaise Transhumaniste - Technoprog  (Feb 1, 2019)

"Yuval Harari et l’amélioration technique de l’accès au bonheur"   Association Francaise Transhumaniste - Technoprog  (Oct 5, 2018)

"La « roue hédonique » (2/3) : Du bonheur"   Association Francaise Transhumaniste - Technoprog  (Sep 21, 2018)

"La “roue hédonique” (1/3) : Du plaisir"   Association Francaise Transhumaniste - Technoprog  (Jul 13, 2018)

"Le transhumanisme n’est pas un «eugénisme libéral»"   Association Francaise Transhumaniste - Technoprog  (May 4, 2018)

"Sauver le symbole"   Association Franзaise Transhumaniste - Technoprog  (Jun 20, 2017)

"The Reality Principle"   Technoprog  (Jan 28, 2017)

"Et si l’enfance devenait rare ?"   Technoprog  (Jan 20, 2017)

"Cybathlon 2016 : entre sport, handicap et transhumanisme"   Technoprog  (Dec 7, 2016)

"Intégrer l’amélioration dans la préoccupation médicale"   100 Idees  (Nov 8, 2016)

"Interdire le transhumanisme ?"   Technoprog  (Oct 18, 2016)

"Transhumanisme et écologie"   Technoprog  (Jul 10, 2016)

"Transhumanisme : Comment sortir de la « Vallée de l’étrange » ? 2/2"   Silicon Maniacs  (Jun 25, 2016)

"Comment sortir de la “Vallée de l’étrange” ? 1/2"   Silicon Maniacs  (Jun 18, 2016)

"WHAT MORAL ENHANCEMENT?"   Technoprog   (Jun 14, 2016)

"Pourquoi la théorie du genre effraie-t-elle encore?"   Silicon Maniacs  (Jun 11, 2016)

"Les robots devraient-ils avoir le permis de tuer ?"   Silicon Maniacs  (Jun 4, 2016)

"Les membres bioniques seront-ils un jour à la mode ?"   Technoprog  (May 23, 2016)

"Enseigner le Transhumanisme ?"   Technoprog  (May 16, 2016)

Marc Roux at the French National Assembly (Feb 02, 2016)

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Past Appearances
Roux on H+ & Cyborgization @ “Transformed Body” (“Le Corps Transformé”) (Montpellier, France - Oct 09, 2015)

Hughes, Vita-More, de Grey, Roux @ TransVision 2014 (Paris, France - Nov 20, 2014)