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John M. Smart

John M. Smart is a futurist and scholar of accelerating change. He is founder and president of the Acceleration Studies Foundation, an organization that does “outreach, education, research, and advocacy with respect to issues of accelerating change.”. Smart has an MS in futures studies from the University of Houston, and a BS in business administration from U.C. Berkeley.

Smart is the principal advocate of the concept of “STEM compression,” (formerly “MEST compression”) the idea that the most (ostensibly) complex of the universe’s extant systems at any time (galaxies, stars, habitable planets, living systems, and now technological systems) use progressively less space, time, energy and matter (“STEM”) to create the next level of complexity in their evolutionary development.

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"Returning to 1st Century Palestine for Lessons on the Future of Religion: Aslan’s Zealot, 2013"   Ever Smarter World  (Aug 4, 2013)

"Preserving the Self for Later Emulation: What Brain Features Do We Need?"   Ever Smarter World  (Nov 29, 2012)

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Interview with John Smart   2013-01-22

IEET Appoints John Smart as Affiliate Scholar (Aug 09, 2013)

Past Appearances
Wallach, Hughes, Vita-More, Smart, Lin, Darling @ Governance of Emerging Technologies (Scottsdale, AZ USA - May 26, 2015)

Smart, Pellissier @ Transhuman Strategies (San Jose, CA USA - Mar 21, 2015)

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