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Tery Spataro

Tery Spataro , a former IEET Advisory Board member, is a pioneer in digital technology; a marketer, visionary, futurist, researcher, investor, author and professor. Tery is widely known for helping brands understand the role technology plays in marketing, innovation and retail environments. Wielding over two decades as a marketing technology strategist, Tery takes a deep look into understanding why, what and who. Industry agnostic, she’s created strategies for Automotive, Beverage and Food, Consumer Package Goods [CPG], Education, Energy, Entertainment, Healthcare, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Non-Profit and Retail brands.

Tery held executive roles with top agencies and served as senior strategist for several consulting firms, she is the EVP, and director of innovation for CCG Catalyst, the leader in bank consulting. No stranger to entrepreneurial life, Tery founded/co-founded, self-funded, and operated 7 startups. As an avid advocate and researcher, Tery is studying the behavior of Humans at the Confluence of Technology and the Environment. She proposes a human-tech-environmental solution that flows with the environment and technology rather than coming apart. Tery is a contributor to IEET writing about the ethical implications of new and future forward technologies.

Throughout the years she lectured at universities and international conferences providing valuable thought leadership and is quoted in books and articles about business and marketing. Tery has MBA in marketing from Regis University and BFA from Albertus Magnus College. Wrote and illustrated a book about quantum perceptions called “The Other Side of the Box”, and a book for retailers that defines digital and physical experiences called “Reimagining the in-store Digital Retail Experience”.

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