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Ilia Stambler

Ilia Stambler  PhD, is Chief Science Officer of “Vetek” (Seniority) Association – The Senior Citizens Movement (Israel). He received his PhD at the Department of Science, Technology and Society, Bar Ilan University, Israel. His research has focused on the historical and social implications of aging and life extension research. He is also involved in mathematical modeling of aging and aging-related diseases. He is the author of A History of Life-extensionism in the Twentieth Century and Longevity Promotion: Multidisciplinary Perspectives. He is actively involved in advocacy for aging and longevity research (, and is chair of the Israeli Longevity Alliance and executive committee member of the International Society on Aging and Disease. His papers have appeared in Progress in Neurobiology, Aging and Disease, Cancer Detection and Prevention, Rejuvenation Research, Current Aging Science, Global Aging, Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, Frontiers in Genetics, Geroscience, and other journals.


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Longevity Promotion: Multidisciplinary Perspectives by Illia Stambler (2017)

A History of Life-Extensionism in the Twentieth Century by Ilia Stambler (2014)

Longevitize!: Essays on the Science, Philosophy & Politics of Longevity by ed. Franco Cortese (2013)

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