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Soenke Ziesche

Soenke Ziesche holds a PhD in Natural Sciences from the University of Hamburg, which he received within a Doctoral Program in Artificial Intelligence. He is also an alumnus of the Graduate Studies Program of the Singularity University.

Soenke has worked in the past 15 years for the United Nations on four continents in the humanitarian and development sector. He worked in Gaza with Palestinian refugees, in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami, in Pakistan after the Kashmir earthquake, in Sudan after the end of the North-South conflict and he was the highest UN representative in Libya during the revolution. He was also posted to New York for four years and to London for one year. Most recently, he was the Head of the Communication and Information Management Unit in Pakistan, and thereafter he has developed a disaster information management guideline for the Government of Bangladesh.

"Promoting scientific and rational literacy to create a friendly global ideology that helps humanity"   Ethical Technology  (Jul 6, 2015)

"Rakawa in the Age of Quantified Self"   Ethical Technology  (Jun 16, 2015)