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Natasha Vita-More, “Informed Radical Life Extension, by Design” (53min)
Back To The Future In The Metaverse
The Future of Being Human
Singularity 1 on 1: Whole Body Prosthetic
Beyond Data
Transhumanism, Technology & the Future
Transhumanism and Humanity+
Transhumanism Meets Design
Scientific Progress—Defending Rights While Taking Risks Seriously
Aubrey de Grey, Vita-More, Elliott - Technologies for Change - Humanity+ @Melbourne 2012
Transhumanism 101
Natasha Vita More on Singularity 1 on 1 (part 1)
Natasha Vita-More Interview
Natasha & H+ Profiled on NPR

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Natasha Vita-More Topics
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Vita-More, Swan at NY Posthuman Research Group Symposium

IEET Fellow Natasha Vita-More will be the Keynote Speaker, and Affiliate Scholar Melanie Swan will also give a talk at the NY Posthuman Research Group’s 2nd annual Glocal Symposium on Posthuman Futures.

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Natasha Vita-More
A Pressing Issue — Lack of Knowledge about Global Health by Natasha Vita-More

Global health could easily be the most pressing global issue today, due in large part to humanity’s general lack of knowledge about health and what this lack of knowledge means to humanity’s future.

Which disease—from the array of infectious diseases, cancer, Tay-Sachs, sickle-cell anemia to Alzheimer’s—should we as a world community invest in curing?

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Agbolade Omowole
Report on Nigeria ICT Festival 2015 by Agbolade Omowole

Mascot Information and Technology Solutions held the maiden edition of Nigeria ICT Fest on December 4, 2015 at Magrellos fast food, Festac Town, Lagos, and December 5, 2015 at Radisson Blu Anchorage hotel at No. 1A, Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos, to bridge the technology gap between Nigeria and the developed world.

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Kris Notaro
Live-Blogging the Morning of Day Two of Humanity+ San Francisco by Kris Notaro

Its apoco-raining this weekend in San Francisco, proving that the transhumanists neither see the future clear enough to choose a nice weekend nor have magical evil powers over the natural world. But they do put on incredibly fascinating parties at wild warehouse-cum-commune spaces full of smart technophiles. We had to drag ourselves back in to the conference this morning so we wouldn’t miss Andrea Kuscewski, David Pearce, Ben Goertzel, Jamais Cascio, Ramez Naam and the others folks speaking today.

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Kris Notaro
Live-Blogging the Afternoon of Day One of Humanity+ San Francisco by Kris Notaro

The morning was very successful. Dr. J. was especially pleased that Kim Stanley Robinson commended his referencing of Looking Backward and H.G. Wells.

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IEET’s Hughes, Cascio, Brin, Vita-More, and Goertzel at Humanity+ @San Francisco

Humanity+ conference in San Francisco, December 2012, at San Francisco State University. IEET’s Executive Director James Hughes will speak at the event, along with IEET Fellows Jamais Cascio, Natasha Vita-More, and Ben Goertzel.

Vision > Fellows > Natasha Vita-More > Technoprogressivism
IEET Fellow Vita-More at Dubrovnik Conference

On September 11, Natasha Vita-More spoke at the “Enhancement, Emerging Technologies, and Social Challenges” conference, at the Inter-University Center in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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Natasha Vita-More
The Aesthetics of Transhumanism by Natasha Vita-More

The current socio-political discussion on transhumanism concerns human use of NBIC [1] technologies and sciences to enhance human biology and to radically extend human life. I address this concern by bringing art and design into the discussion.

Vision > Fellows > Ben Goertzel > Natasha Vita-More > Futurism
Vita-More and Goertzel re-elected to Humanity Plus Board

IEET Fellows Natasha Vita-More and Ben Goertzel received the most votes (#1 and #2, respectively) in the Humanity+ Board of Directors election that concluded April 15th.  IEET congratulates them, and we look forward to working with them in the upcoming year.

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HumanityPlus @ Melbourne Conference

Melbourne, Australia is the setting of a Humanity+ Conference on “Future Science and Technology” on May 5-6. IEET Fellows Natasha Vita-More and Aubrey de Grey will be presenting lectures, the performance artist Stelarc is also on the bill, and Russell Blackford is a possible guest.