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MULTIMEDIA: Ben Scarlato Topics Join Us At H+ Summit at Harvard

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Ben Scarlato Topics
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Ben Scarlato
Advance Directives and Transhumanism by Ben Scarlato

Advance directives are documents which give guidance on what should be done when your health deteriorates to the point where you can no longer make decisions for yourself. Sadly, these documents are often neglected by the general public until it is too late, but it’s even more crucial for transhumanists to think about and complete these documents.

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Ben Scarlato
Caprica: Artificial Heavens by Ben Scarlato

This week saw the return of Caprica. In its world with technology not too far beyond our own, Caprica jumped right back into action with a premiere remarkably relevant to transhumanism. While Sister Clarice seeks to attract followers to her religion with an artificial heaven, Daniel Graystone wants to win back his company with software to remove the pain of a loved one’s death.

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Ben Scarlato
Why We Need to Cheat Darwin by Ben Scarlato

Last year, JET published Kristi Scott’s fascinating article Cheating Darwin: The Genetic and Ethical Implications of Vanity and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, which analyzed the implications of cosmetic plastic surgery (CPS) for relationships and genetics. It suggested that since “what one sees is not necessarily what one will get in regards to DNA” that “there is a responsibility on the part of the individual to disclose any previous CPS.” However, there are many other instances where we misrepresent our genetics or...

Rights > HealthLongevity > Vision > Bioculture > Interns > Ben Scarlato
Ben Scarlato
True Blood & the Darker Side of Enhancement by Ben Scarlato

True Blood seems to continuously illustrate all the things that could go wrong with human enhancement. Whether it’s non-humans being taken advantage of by humans, or non-humans being unable to control their powers, it all looks pretty bleak.

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Ben Scarlato
The Policy Implications of Happiness Research by Ben Scarlato

Over the past several years, a handful of books have attempted to use happiness research as a basis for policy recommendations. Two of those books, Happiness: Lessons from a New Science by Richard Layard, and Gross National Happiness: Why Happiness Matters for America—and How We Can Get More of It by Arthur C. Brooks, present a broad set of recommendations for society, from liberal and conservative perspectives, respectively.

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Ben Scarlato
True Blood Season 3 and Morphological Freedom by Ben Scarlato

This summer True Blood, now in its third season, continues to explore the issues that it has in the past, such as personhood and the coexistence of humans with a species that has many advantages over humans. However, with the introduction of werewolves and the greater focus on shapeshifters, this year there are even better opportunities to relate True Blood to morphological freedom.

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Kyle Munkittrick
Futurisms Takes My Favorite Picture at H+ by Kyle Munkittrick

Our frienemies over at Futurisms went to the H+ summit at Harvard and had lots to say. So many that after more than ten posts on the topic, there are still some scraps on the side.

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J. Hughes
Day 2 Afternoon Liveblogging H Summit by J. Hughes

The Humanity+ Summit is winding down to a close. Ben’s fingers are tired, so Dr. J. is in the house to do some snarky blogging.

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Ben Scarlato
Day 2 Afternoon Liveblogging H+ Summit: Ray Kurzweil by Ben Scarlato

Ray Kurzweil didn’t cover much new this afternoon. As one wag said on Twitter, “Shouldn’t Ray’s five year-old stump speech be 10,000 times more interesting and only five minutes long?” But Ben does his best to summarize. By the way, check out Kurzweil, J. Hughes, and a cast of thousands in this New York Times story on the Singularity University - J.

Vision > Staff > J. Hughes > Interns > HealthLongevity > Ben Scarlato
Ben Scarlato
Day 2 Morning Liveblogging H+ Summit by Ben Scarlato

We’re here for day 2 of the H+ Summit: Rise of the Citizen Scientist. Ray Kurzweil will be keynoting at the end of the day, but first we’ll hear talks from a bunch of other great speakers, including the IEET’s George Dvorsky, Aubrey de Grey, James Hughes, Patrick Lin, and Natasha Vita-More.