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MULTIMEDIA: Arthur Caplan Topics The Ethics Of Gene Editing
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Is The Ebola Crisis (in the US) As Severe As The Media is Making It Out To Be?
Ethics of Erasing Memory

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Arthur Caplan Topics
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Arthur Caplan
Healthcare and Healthcare Ethics in the Trump Era by Arthur Caplan

Hi. I am Art Caplan from the Division of Medical Ethics at the New York University Langone School of Medicine in Manhattan.

We have a newly elected president, Donald J. Trump. He will be making many changes to the policies of the Obama years. What will his election mean for healthcare? What will it mean for ethical issues that come up in the context of healthcare?

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Arthur Caplan in Forbes article on football safety Forbes

IEET Trustee Arthur Caplan was referenced in a Forbes article that analyzed college football safety.

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Arthur Caplan
Engineering the Better Baby by Arthur Caplan

There should no longer be any doubt about whether humans will one day be genetically modified. A new tool – called CRISPR – is already being used to edit the genomes of insects and animals. Essentially a very sharp molecular knife, CRISPR allows scientists to carve out and insert genes precisely and inexpensively. It is only a matter of time before it will be used to engineer our descendants – eliminating many dangerous hereditary diseases in the process.

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Arthur Caplan
Merge Away!!! by Arthur Caplan

The New York Times editorial page is the latest in a lengthening series of commentaries worrying about the impact of two proposed corporate mergers in the health insurance market.  Anthem has agreed to acquire Cigna and Aetna is taking over Humana. That means the number of big health insurers will drop from five to three.

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Arthur Caplan
Bioethicist: Why Connecticut Teen Can’t Say No to Chemo by Arthur Caplan

A 17-year-old girl, listed in court papers only as Cassandra C., is in protective custody at a Connecticut hospital where she is being forced to undergo chemotherapy treatment that she says she does not want. Americans strongly value the right to refuse medical care.

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CBS Approves Pilot of TV Drama Based on Work of IEET Advisor Arthur Caplan

CBS will produce a pilot of “Austen’s Razor,” a drama inspired by the career of bioethicist and IEET Advisor Arthur L. Caplan.

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CBS Gives Pilot Production Commitment to Drama Based on Bioethicist Arthur L. Caplan CBS

CBS has given a pilot production commitment to “Austen’s Razor,” a drama from Legendary Television and CBS Television Studios that’s inspired by the career of bioethics expert Arthur L. Caplan.

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Bioethicist Arthur Caplan receives 2014 Public Service Award for an individual National Science Foundation

Caplan’s work fosters greater understanding of science, medicine and ethics. On March 24, 2014 the National Science Board (NSB) announced that renowned bioethicist and IEET Trustee Arthur Caplan, a global leader in medical ethics, is the 2014 recipient of its Public Service Award for an individual.

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Arthur Caplan
Three-Parent Babies Are an Ethical Choice by Arthur Caplan

The FDA is considering approving an experiment to repair a genetic disease in humans by creating embryos with DNA from three parents. Genes would be transferred from a healthy human egg to one that has a disease and the “repaired” egg then fertilized in the hope that a healthy baby will result. The goal of the experiment in genetic engineering is not a perfect baby but a healthy baby.

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Arthur Caplan
Caplan: The case against care for those who are brain dead by Arthur Caplan

Thirteen-year-old Jahi McMath died on Dec. 12 at Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland. Yet about a month later, Jahi is still on a ventilator because her parents refuse to accept her death. Aided by a misguided legal decision, she has been moved to another facility to be kept on artificial life support, which makes no medical or moral sense. What’s being done to her corpse is wrong, but a bigger issue is the threat her case poses to the rational and moral use of health care resources.