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MULTIMEDIA: Melanie Swan Topics Crypto Enlightenment: A Social Theory of Blockchains

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Melanie Swan Topics
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Melanie Swan
The Future of AI: Blockchain and Deep Learning by Melanie Swan

First point: considering blockchain and deep learning together suggests the emergence of a new class of global network computing system. These systems are self-operating computation graphs that make probabilistic guesses about reality states of the world.

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Melanie Swan
Cognitive Easing: Human Identity Crisis in a World of Technology by Melanie Swan

Cognitive Easing is the aim of much of our endeavor, whether explicit or implicit. We have never wavered from trying to create a life of ease, enjoyment, and fulfillment. The definition of Cognitive Easing is spending less mental effort to achieve a result.

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Melanie Swan
Blockchain Fintech: Programmable Risk and Securities as a Service by Melanie Swan

Access instead of Ownership One of the most radical and potentially disruptive ideas for the near-term blockchain financial services market is Securities as a Service. Consider the music industry, where in the past, it was quite normal to purchase and own records and CDs, but now music is often accessed through digital media services like Spotify. There is access to music, but not much thought of ownership. “Listening to music” is the consumable asset, which is priced per network models for its access and consumption.

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IEET Affiliate Scholar Melanie Swan Interviewed on Finance Disrupted

Melanie Swan, Philosophy and Economic Theorist, New School for Social Research

To read the full interview on Finance Disrupted click HERE

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Melanie Swan
Defining the Blockchain Economy: What is Decentralized Finance? by Melanie Swan

The aim of this article is to explore the intersection of blockchain technology and finance from a practical, theoretical, and conceptual standpoint.

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Melanie Swan
Bio-Cryptoeconomy: Nanorobotic DACs for Cell Repair and Enhancement by Melanie Swan

Blockchains as the new platform for technological innovation invite the creative imagining of applications at both the level of technology use and in the rethinking of economic principles. Some recent developments include optimism about rising Bitcoin prices and the rewards-halving milestone, trepidation about scalability, block size, and the latest hacking scandal of the Ethereum DAO, and fast-paced single ledger adoption by financial institutions.

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Melanie Swan
Decentralized Crypto-Finance: Blockchains, Automatic Markets, and Algorithmic Trust by Melanie Swan

A revolutionary set of concepts and underlying technology enablement has arisen in the form of blockchain technology. Blockchains allow the digital payments layer the Internet never had, and more broadly contemplate an era whereby all forms of secure value transfer could take place via the Internet. This includes all monetary assets (the cash or spot market) and all assets and liabilities over any future time frame (the futures and options market, mortgages, debt and equity securities, treasury issuance, and public debt).

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Melanie Swan
A New Theory of Time: X-tention is Simultaneously Discrete and Continuous by Melanie Swan

Time has been conceived mainly as either discrete or continuous, but not widely as a simultaneity of the two. I would like to articulate a new theory of time in which time is reconceived as a ‘raw material’ whose natural state is both discrete and continuous. This is a “middle third” position that extends Husserl’s theory of internal time consciousness by being a new form of time in the middle between and connecting retention-protention (which are continuous) and recollection-expectation (which are discrete).

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Vita-More, Swan at NY Posthuman Research Group Symposium

IEET Fellow Natasha Vita-More will be the Keynote Speaker, and Affiliate Scholar Melanie Swan will also give a talk at the NY Posthuman Research Group’s 2nd annual Glocal Symposium on Posthuman Futures.

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Melanie Swan
Satoshi Roundtable: Is Bitcoin Dead due to Scalability Issues? by Melanie Swan

Scalability was the most prominent issue discussed at the February 26-28, 2016 Satoshi Roundtable (the Bitcoin industry’s annual technical meeting).

This is expected as scalability is an ongoing issue to be resolved for any cryptocurrency to achieve mainstream adoption.