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MULTIMEDIA: Michael Lee Topics Finding Future X in Cape Town

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Michael Lee Topics
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Michael Lee
China’s Huge Investment in Africa — Where is this Alliance Headed? by Michael Lee

China recently pledged $60 billion “of assistance and loans for Africa to help with the development of the continent.”  This adds to a previous investment of $200 billion over the last forty years.  China’s leaders regularly visit African nations where they are lavishly praised and it is evident that the two regions are destined for an intertwined future.

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Michael Lee
The Future of SubSaharan Africa - interview with Michael Lee by Michael Lee

Michael Lee is a futurist who founded the World Future Society’s Southern African Chapter and the Institute of Futurology. He’s also an IEET contributing writer.  His point-of-view is an essential contribution to IEET’s African Futures Project.

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Michael Lee
The Depopulation Time Bomb by Michael Lee

The future of nations is not written in the stars but in their demographics. In particular, a futurist can study national fertility rates, urbanisation trends and the age structure of population groups to get a picture of a country’s long-term future.

Remarkable polymath Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers of America and, back in the 1770s, he enjoyed unbridled optimism about the future of his nation, which at the time was still overwhelmingly rural and comparatively “backward”. Why, then, was his prognosis so ros...

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Michael Lee
Humans are Infinitely more Dangerous than Robots by Michael Lee

Innovator Elon Musk was widely reported in the media when he described artificial intelligence (AI) as probably the most serious threat to the survival of the human race. [1] But while artificial intelligence systems will certainly take over an increasing range and number of jobs formerly carried out by people, humans will remain infinitely more dangerous than robots for generations to come.

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Michael Lee
Our Automated Future by Michael Lee

Surprising as this may sound, nature is full of automatic processes, as will shortly be shown. And computers and mechanical devices are automating social processes on an ever-increasing scale, from assembly lines and the new 3-D printers to self-service devices like ATMs, kiosks and vending machines, from robots to computerized flight programs. As you read this, you may receive a pop up meeting reminder on Outlook or a message texted on your mobile phone indicating it’s time to submit your tax returns. That’s the efficiency of automation...

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Top Hitting Articles for November

Kris and Dr. J. are traveling to San Francisco tomorrow for the H+ events, so we’re calling the top hitters for November a day early.

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Michael Lee
Shock-testing the Black Swan Theory by Michael Lee

Adopting a satirical tone, self-confessed sceptic Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s bestseller The Black Swan ridicules the idea of predicting the future. Instead, he argues that the world is dominated by the impact of rare, unforeseen, random, highly improbable and yet influential events. These Black Swans, he says, happen abruptly, coming from outside the range of our vision.

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Michael Lee
The Bellow of the Eurasian Brown Bear: Russia in the 21st Century by Michael Lee

Although Russia’s population has peaked and is now decreasing, this resource-rich Eurasian giant will not go gently into the good night of decline.

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Michael Lee
Demographic Sunset in the Land of the Rising Sun: Japan in the 21st Century by Michael Lee

Everyone has a favourite iconic Japanese consumer product – the Sony Walkman, a Panasonic DVD recorder, Blu-ray disc player, a Canon, Nikon, Minolta or Pentax camera or even a Toyota Prius. But this century will witness the long, slow sunset of Japan’s power.

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Michael Lee
The United States of Southern Africa in the Year 2100: Hope for an African Future by Michael Lee

Southern Africa in 88 years - an optimistic scenario depicting African economic progress, with business suggestions… non-lethal hunting with sedation darts!