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Khannea Suntzu Topics
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Khannea Suntzu
The friction between necessity and special interests by Khannea Suntzu

Societal disparity is a hot button topic sure to arouse emotions. Those who currently have or make comparatively more money as always follow heir self-interest and stick to decennia old post cold war talking points best summarized as “anyone who works hard will eventually be successful”. This is clearly a self-validating and wealth consolidating statement and it’s completely understandable from a zero sum perspective. For the lucky few at the top of the economic food chain any compelling statement that “if most people who work hard i...

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Khannea Suntzu
Worst case scenario – 2035 and no basic income. by Khannea Suntzu

There is now an almost constant stream of articles saying what was politically incorrect to state out loud just 5-8 years ago – Technological Unemployment is certain, it is imminent and ‘something like a basic income’ will be necessary. I have said so much on this societal issue in the last ten years that it quite often feels like an obligatory rehash of the arguments in favor of a basic income. The best and most authoritative arguments are still being voiced by Martin Ford and I suggest everyone to check his level-headed and well rese...

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Khannea Suntzu
System safeguards for A.I. are unlikely to make any difference by Khannea Suntzu

A decade ago AI research wasn’t as hot as it is now. But right now, in 2016 AI is very much a profitable endeavor. Many now argue that with regards to AI there is a risk for: (a) mass unemployment, (b) mass political destabilization (for instance mass-abuse of intelligent drones by terrorists), or even (c) a hard take-off of self-improving AI triggering a so-called “singularity”, which (in very short) is something we might simplified describe as “a point beyond we don’t have a clue what happens next”.

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Khannea Suntzu
Basic Income is certain, but ‘they’ will wait as long as they can to implement it. by Khannea Suntzu

Looking at the barrage of news on technological unemployment, we may get lucky and avoid the predictable denialism phase altogether. A lot of time gets wasted on denying things that are inescapable. We may get lucky, as in “we might avoid a massively disfunctional dystopian future full of mass-poverty and the consequences thereof“.

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Khannea Suntzu
Basic Income’s Tragedy by Khannea Suntzu

I am one of those people who “believe” (for lack of a better term) in the future. I am sure advancing technologies are mostly a good thing. Progress makes existence for humans better, and beyond that technological advances allow us to change undesirable aspects of the human state (and there are many) and engineer these in objectively better states of “transhumanism”.

Rights > Economic > Vision > Bioculture > Contributors > Khannea Suntzu > Sociology > Technoprogressivism
Khannea Suntzu
Transhumanists as “Overlords” - my thoughts on the TV adaptation of “Childhood’s End” by Khannea Suntzu

I’ll be sparse with the spoilers, but the following are a few short meandering thoughts I had about the premiere of the TV adaptation of the Arthur C. Clarke novel “Childhood’s End”.

In the novel (which differs from the TV episode) aliens arrive at Earth and put everything in order. Depending on who you ask, the aliens are fascists, meddlesome, saviours or suffocating parental figures who basically force the human species to live a happier life. They do so by enforcing strict cooperative behavior, equality, an end on various ...

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Khannea Suntzu
Poverty as Precursor to Mental Illness by Khannea Suntzu

In most of the western world we have a prevailing societal model of self-reliance and personal responsibility. It’s easy to see the limitations of this model – people get old and sick, most people have emotional or other vulnerabilities and significant periods in our life we are just unable to protect ourselves.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Vision > Bioculture > Contributors > Khannea Suntzu > FreeThought > Futurism
Khannea Suntzu
Transhumanism and Celebrating the Unnatural by Khannea Suntzu

In the year 2014 A.D, the human species may have expanded completely out of bounds. To transcend boundaries is within and out of nature. That is what we do. It is ordained. It is written. We appear to have transcended many limits imposed upon us by nature. Nature imposes, not out of will, because because of the statistical qualities of what nature is. Humans transcend. Nature constrains. There is no free will involved. There is no intelligence or intelligent designer involved. There is no pre-ordained outcome. So we immediately see the ...

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Khannea Suntzu
Money What If – HumanCoin by Khannea Suntzu

I just watched a video of an event in Amsterdam where the well-known Libertarian Stefan Molyneux spoke. Let me link it for your edification. Immediately after the event his Google+, Gmail and Youtube were deleted, as a result of complain vandalism. In other words, what he said caused a counter reaction. Now I am not usually overly enthusiastic about Peter and his Libertarian ideas, but in this video he makes a pretty much spectacular point against the power of unbridled governance. This particular line of reasoning I really like.

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Giulio Prisco
Back to the future in the Metaverse by Giulio Prisco

All seems to indicate that new, fully immersive next-generation virtual worlds and user interfaces may be behind the corner. Let’s go back to the future in the Metaverse!