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MULTIMEDIA: Technological Unemployment Topics Can Universal Basic Income / Social Democracy Fix America’s Inequality?
How To Make A Living When Robots Take Our Jobs
How To Make A Living When Robots Take Our Jobs
Why we should give everyone a basic income
Automate Now? Robots, Jobs and Universal Basic Income A Public Debate
Cyborg Buddha – IEET’s James Hughes on Transhuman Enlightenment and Basic Income
Last Job on Earth
Futurist Gerd Leonhard interview with Stuff(NZ): work, jobs, automation and more
068: Does Life Have Meaning in a World Without Work?
The Way We Think about Work is Broken

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Technological Unemployment Topics
Rights > Economic > Technological Unemployment > Contributors > Cyril Gazengel
Cyril Gazengel
The Gradual Disappearance of Jobs by Cyril Gazengel

Stuck Between Fantasy And Reality From the very beginning of industrial era, the idea of replacing humans with machines caught on and has persisted, to the point of appearing credible today. Indeed, breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are raising concerns about the significance of humankind in the future. That still far event horizon forecasts a society lead by strong artificial intelligences which may bring us to our obsolescence. Homo sapiens will be at best forced to the margins of active duty like the utopian post-work post-scarcity...

Francaise > Rights > Economic > Technological Unemployment > Political Empowerment & Participation > Contributors > Alexandre Maurer
Alexandre Maurer
Donald Trump, les mexicains et les robots by Alexandre Maurer

Donald Trump a promis de ramener ses emplois à l’Amérique profonde. Mais qui les a vraiment “volé” ? Et si c’était en fait un faux problème ?

Published on 15 November 2016 on Technoprog

Rights > Economic > Technological Unemployment > Staff > Marcelo Rinesi
Marcelo Rinesi
The informal sector Singularity by Marcelo Rinesi

At the intersection of cryptocurrencies and the “gig economy” lies the prospect of almost self-contained shadow economies with their own laws and regulations, vast potential for fostering growth, and the possibility of systematic abuse.

Francaise > Rights > Economic > Technological Unemployment > Contributors > Julien Varlin
Julien Varlin
Les robots volent-ils nos emplois ? by Julien Varlin

Article invité de Julien Varlin (blog)

Toute une série d’articles de presse reprennent régulièrement ce thème vendeur des « robots tueurs d’emplois » : « Les robots, le chômage et les emplois de 2030 » (France Info, 10/05/2015), « Robots au travail : 3 millions d’emplois menacés en France d’ici 2025 » (La Voix du Nord, 25/05/2016)… En même temps, d’autres vont insister sur les nouveaux emplois créés (ingénieur-e-s, technicien-nes…) et soutenir qu’il n’y a pas de crainte à avoir : « Des centaines ...

Technopolitics > Technoprogressivism > Rights > Economic > Technological Unemployment > Basic Income > Vision > Staff > J. Hughes
J. Hughes
Technoprogressivism Under Trump by J. Hughes

This is from an interview I gave yesterday to a French journalist. Thought you might be interested.

Rights > Economic > Technological Unemployment > Personhood > Fellows > Kevin LaGrandeur > Affiliate Scholar > John Danaher
IEET Fellows Kevin LaGrandeur and John Danaher interviewed on Future of Work

Fellows Kevin LaGrandeur and John Danaher were interviewed by Future Left about the potential impact of automation and computerization on the future of the American workforce.  Their comments are included in an initiative to get theAmerican presidential to address this issue in their platforms, and their comments are also included in an article here.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Economic > Technological Unemployment > Vision > Affiliate Scholar > John Danaher > Sociology > Philosophy > Innovation
John Danaher
Pushing Humans off the Loop: Automation and the Unsustainability Problem by John Danaher

There is a famous story about an encounter between Henry Ford II (CEO of Ford Motors) and Walter Reuther (head of the United Automobile Workers Union). Ford was showing Reuther around his factory, proudly displaying all the new automating technologies he had introduced to replace human workers. Ford gloated, asking Reuther ‘How are you going to get those robots to pay union dues?’. Reuther responded with equal glee ‘Henry, how are you going to get them to buy your cars?’.

Rights > Economic > Technological Unemployment > Basic Income > Vision > Bioculture > Contributors > James Felton Keith > Technoprogressivism
James Felton Keith
Your Jobs vs Your Dignity by James Felton Keith

What we don’t know can hurt us. In the past year, it seems that 15 years of economic erosion has taken its toll on the wisdom of our 20th century experience. Nostalgic sentiments from an analogue age have seeped into the modern political discourse. Not because, they’ll work, but because people can understand them.

Rights > Economic > Technological Unemployment > Vision > Affiliate Scholar > John Danaher > Philosophy
Danaher published in the journal “Science and Engineering Ethics” Science and Engineering Ethics

IEET Affiliate Scholar John Danaher recently published a paper on technological unemployment and the meaning of life in the journal Science and Engineering Ethics.

Rights > Economic > Technological Unemployment > Basic Income > Staff > Hank Pellissier
Hank Pellissier
Basic Income Guarantee — my three hesitations by Hank Pellissier

I support the generous intention of Basic Income Guarantee: the notion of “sharing the wealth”, rescuing people from impoverishment, granting a cushion to help people pursue their dreams.

I am on board with all that but I have three hesitations. Quibbles that trouble me…