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MULTIMEDIA: Rights Topics Episode #54 - Sebo on the Moral Problem of Other Minds
Episode #46 - Minerva on the Ethics of Cryonics
Aubrey de Grey - Robust Mouse Rejuvenation only 3 years away? An update on Anti-Aging Research
AI, Algorithms and the Post Human Future of Governance
Big Data and Genomics
Nikola Danaylov and David Wood on Transcending Politics
Life Inside China’s Total Surveillance State
What is TRANSHUMANISM? Dr. Ferrando (NYU)
What does “POSTHUMAN” mean? Dr. Ferrando (NYU)
Gene editing in human embryos is a moral obligation, says John Harris
What Happens When We Design Babies?
A.I. Taking Jobs
The Ethics of Moral Enhancement
Present Futures: Universal Basic Assets and The History and Future of Space Travel (
Wellman and Rajan on the Ethics of Automated Trading

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Rights Topics
Rights > Personhood > Staff > Marcelo Rinesi
Marcelo Rinesi
The ethical nonsense (and plutocratic convenience) of AI rights by Marcelo Rinesi

Neither these robots nor these corporations are people.

Technopolitics > Sociology > Rights > HealthLongevity > Affiliate Scholar > Steve Fuller
Steve Fuller

Thinking in Four Orders One can imagine four orders of thinking about the COVID-19 crisis, or indeed, any pandemic:

Rights > HealthLongevity > Affiliate Scholar > Ilia Stambler
Ilia Stambler
A new therapeutic approach against COVID-19 Pneumonia by Ilia Stambler

The novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has grown to become a global public health emergency. Currently, no specific drugs or vaccines are available to cure the patients with COVID-19 infection. Hence, there is a large unmet need for a safe and effective treatment for COVID-19 infected patients, especially the severe cases.  A new study offers a promising pathway for developing such a treatment.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Affiliate Scholar > Ilia Stambler
Ilia Stambler
Israel can and should become an important contributor to the international geroscience research, development, application and education by Ilia Stambler

Vetek (Seniority) – the Movement for Longevity and Quality of Life (Israel)


Due to the aging of the global population and the derivative increase in major aging-related non-communicable diseases and their economic burden, there is an urgent international need to promote the research, development and application of and education on effective and safe therapeutic geroscience interventions. These interventions are designed to mitigate degenerative aging processes, thus preventing and eliminating the main underlying con...

Rights > HealthLongevity > Affiliate Scholar > Hank Pellissier
Hank Pellissier
Cannabis Research : 1,008 studies demonstrating beneficial effects by Hank Pellissier

compiled by Jennifer Huse, Hank Pellissier, E Health Magazine & many other researchers, doctors, and science websites.

Francaise > Technopolitics > Philosophy > Rights > HealthLongevity > Advisory Board > Marc Roux
Marc Roux
LE DENI DE LA MORT ? by Marc Roux

La metformine est un médicament courant, bon marché, et dont certains chercheurs soupçonnent qu’il pourrait avoir un effet positif global sur le vieillissement. Plusieurs essais sont en cours …

Francaise > Technopolitics > Philosophy > Rights > HealthLongevity
Marc Roux
La metformine, peut-elle agir sur le vieillissement ? by Marc Roux

Suite à une émission d’ARTE diffusée le 7 septembre 2019, Harold Knoll, fondateur de la start-up longévitiste DAYU, précise ses réponses au philosophe Raphaël Enthoven.

Francaise > Rights > CognitiveLiberty > Advisory Board > Marc Roux
Marc Roux

Traduction d’un article publié sur le magazine américain WIRED en 2016, celui-ci, édifiant, nous a semblé mériter une diffusion en français.

Francaise > Rights > HealthLongevity > Advisory Board > Marc Roux
Marc Roux
Comparaison rapport Touraine/ volonté AFT/ projet de loi de bioéthique by Marc Roux

En 2018 se sont tenus en France “les États généraux de la bioéthique”, débat national chargé de préparer la révision des lois de bioéthique prévue pour 2019. Le débat, organisé par le Comité consultatif national d’éthique a eu lieu à la fois en ligne et lors d’audition de spécialistes. Dans ce cadre, Marc Roux, président… [lire la suite]

Rights > Personhood > Contributors > Keith B. Wiley
Keith B. Wiley
The Stream of Consciousness and Personal Identity by Keith B. Wiley

This article is a shorter version of a paper I wrote in July, 2019, which loosely coincides with the five-year anniversary of the publication of my book, A Taxonomy and Metaphysics of Mind-Uploading. The book presents a wide range of thought experiments about mind uploading and then conveys my preferred model of identity, commonly known as branching identity.