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MULTIMEDIA: Enablement Topics It Doesn’t Cost Much To Have A Decent Society
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Enablement Topics
Francaise > SciencePolicy > Innovation > Implants > Rights > Contributors > Alexandre Maurer > Disability > Enablement
Alexandre Maurer
Prothèses et augmentations corporelles by Alexandre Maurer

Dans quelle mesure les prothèses peuvent-elles nous augmenter ?

Cet article fait partie d’un projet de livre sur le transhumanisme. Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

Published on 27 November 2016 on Technoprog

Technopolitics > Sociology > Rights > CognitiveLiberty > Fellows > David Brin > Disability > Enablement
David Brin
Perceptive and myopic views of our transparent future. Especially police cameras. by David Brin

Let’s veer from either science fiction or politics into our politically science-fictional new world of light. Starting with a reminder that my new anthology (with Stephen Potts) Chasing Shadows, is released this week by Tor Books, featuring contributions by William Gibson, James Gunn, Neal Stephenson, Vernor Vinge and many others, offering stories and insights into a future when light flows almost everywhere. Prepare yourself!  This might be a good start.

SciencePolicy > Implants > Rights > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Affiliate Scholar > B. J. Murphy > Military > Disability > Enablement
B. J. Murphy
DARPA hands off LUKE Arm to Military Medical Center by B. J. Murphy

It’s that time of the month where we all come together and exchange gifts. Keeping this in mind, DARPA showed some holiday spirit when it provided Walter Reed National Military Medical Center the greatest gift the 21st century can offer: LUKE – the most revolutionary bionic arm available to date!

Francaise > Rights > HealthLongevity > Advisory Board > Marc Roux > Disability > Enablement
Marc Roux
Cybathlon 2016 : entre sport, handicap et transhumanisme by Marc Roux

Le Cybathlon inaugure les premiers “JO de cyborgs”. Une vitrine technologique pour l’aide au handicap, mais aussi la perspectives d’application futures plus larges. C’est par ailleurs une invitation à repenser nos catégories sportives.

Francaise > Vision > Contributors > Alexandre Maurer > HealthLongevity > Enablement > Technoprogressivism > Innovation
Alexandre Maurer
Nous sommes des humains augmentés… depuis des siècles ! by Alexandre Maurer

L’idée d’humain « augmenté » suscite des peurs chez certains, qui affirment que cela remet en cause notre identité humaine.

Cependant, à partir de quel moment pouvons-nous dire que nous sommes « augmentés » ? Ne le sommes-nous pas déjà ? Et nul besoin de songer aux derniers accessoires technologiques : cela remonte très loin dans notre histoire !

Vision > Directors > George Dvorsky > HealthLongevity > Enablement > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Innovation
George Dvorsky
Paralyzed Patients Learn to Walk Again Using Virtual Reality by George Dvorsky

A groundbreaking new experiment shows that brain-machine interfaces, when used in conjunction with exoskeletons and virtual reality, can trigger partial recovery in patients recovering from spinal cord injuries.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Economic > Personhood > Vision > Contributors > Khannea Suntzu > Enablement > Sociology
Khannea Suntzu
The friction between necessity and special interests by Khannea Suntzu

Societal disparity is a hot button topic sure to arouse emotions. Those who currently have or make comparatively more money as always follow heir self-interest and stick to decennia old post cold war talking points best summarized as “anyone who works hard will eventually be successful”. This is clearly a self-validating and wealth consolidating statement and it’s completely understandable from a zero sum perspective. For the lucky few at the top of the economic food chain any compelling statement that “if most people who work hard i...

Francaise > Vision > HealthLongevity > Enablement > Sociology > Futurism > Technoprogressivism
Marc Roux
Le cas Oscar Pistorius : un « pas » dans le Transhumanisme ? by Marc Roux

Parce que la réflexion Transhumaniste questionne ce que sera l’homme de demain, l’Association française transhumaniste vous livrera deux fois par mois une chronique sur l’actualité, attention chroniques étranges et décalées à prévoir : le Futur prend la plume sur Silicon Maniacs !

Vision > Directors > George Dvorsky > HealthLongevity > Enablement > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Innovation
George Dvorsky
The World’s First Child-Sized Exoskeleton Will Melt Your Heart by George Dvorsky

We’ve seen exoskeletons before, but nothing quite like this one. The new brace, developed by Spanish researchers, will help children with spinal muscular atrophy.

The 26-pound device consists of long support rods and are adjusted to fit around a child’s legs and torso. A series of motors mimic human muscles in the joints, endowing the patient the required strength to stand upright and walk. A series of sensors, along with a movement controller and a five-hour battery, complete the system. The aluminum and titanium device can also...

Rights > HealthLongevity > Personhood > Contributors > Valerie Tarico > FreeThought > Enablement > Innovation > ReproRights
Valerie Tarico
Mens Health Week: One Doctor Thinks We Should Be Talking about Better Birth Control for Guys by Valerie Tarico

Dr. Stephanie Page at the University of Washington talks about why male birth control matters.

The Centers for Disease Control declared June 13 to 19 of 2016 as “National Men’s Health Week.” If it was Women’s Health Week, media experts would be talking a lot about sexual health and, especially, how women can safeguard against ill-timed or unwanted pregnancy. But for guys, pregnancy prevention is not even on the list, which instead emphasizes sleep, tobacco, food choices, and exercise.