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Beyond Utopia and Dystopia: A Critical Examination of the Ecology of Science Fiction
The Future of Subjectivity

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Edward Miller Topics
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Edward Miller
The Basic Income Is Dead by Edward Miller

Technological progress is accelerating faster than ever before. Are robots going to “take our jobs?” Do we require a Basic Income to solve this? Let’s examine some basic principles.

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Edward Miller
Which Strange Existence Do You Prefer? by Edward Miller

Existence is the most fundamental thing which is taken for granted. When we actually think about it, we all find it pretty mysterious, but I wonder if you realize just how mysterious it really is. Here’s a few things to consider. The first is Occam’s Razor. A simple logic tool, right?

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Edward Miller
We Can Have It All: The Beauty of Value Capture by Edward Miller

As anyone familiar with classical political economy knows, true property rights are rooted in self-ownership. You own yourself, and by extension you own what you make through labor or voluntary transactions thereof. Land, however, is not a fruit of labor.

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Edward Miller
The Only Economic Reform Worth Talking About by Edward Miller

The real solution has nothing to do with techno-utopianism, monetary reform, austerity, or any of the other ideological cul-de-sacs currently being promoted.

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Edward Miller
In Opposition to Liberty and Progress by Edward Miller

You may have heard of Peter Thiel, the right-wing “libertarian” co-founder of Paypal and early investor in Facebook. He seems to be a magnet for controversy and intrigue, with his penchant for casual misogyny and exotic philanthropic endeavors. So, who or what is he really?

Rights > Economic > Vision > Former > Edward Miller > Technoprogressivism
Edward Miller
What is Progressive in the 21st Century? by Edward Miller

I have often referred to myself as a progressive but I have felt increasingly uneasy doing so. The word -progressive’, like virtually every other term which refers to a political ideology, has become so broadly applied as to become virtually meaningless.

Rights > Personhood > Vision > Virtuality > Interns > CyborgBuddha > Edward Miller
Edward Miller
I am You, and You are Me…. Maybe by Edward Miller

Pretty early on in my philosophical journey I decided that I was a pantheist, of the naturalist sort. Pantheism is all about the one-ness and unity of everything… and I do mean everything.

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Edward Miller
Thinking Outside the Box on Healthcare by Edward Miller

The healthcare debate is shockingly narrow. We have the do nothing crowd, the privatize it more crowd, the single-payer people, and the public option folks. On the more radical end of the mainstream debates are those calling for more general practitioners, preventive care/incentives, and co-ops. Of the bills pushing through congress now, I have a feeling the public option is the only one with any teeth, but there are a million other non-mutually-exclusive ideas which could be implemented.

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Edward Miller
Intellectual Property Overreach by Edward Miller

Continuing our effort to flesh out the parameters of technoprogressive policy ideas by building our “Technoprogressive Policy Wiki”, we turn now to the problems created by the push to patent everything, including human genes, and shut down all fair use and copying of music, texts and film. IEET intern Ed Miller has been engaged with open source and intellectual property issues for some time, and has taken a crack at a general policy statement on this issue. We welcome feedback. - J. Hughes

Rights > Economic > Interns > Edward Miller
Edward Miller
How to Redesign our Communities for the Internet Age by Edward Miller

(IEET intern Edward Miller is guest blogging at Sentient Developments this month.) There is a long list of crises that we need to face and I won’t waste time boring you by listing them. As our brightest minds admit they were wrong, I hope that I can say, without qualification, that big changes in our thinking are required. Unfortunately, we haven’t made that “Change” even though we now have some new faces in power, and a bunch of old faces out of business or in prison.