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A Questionnaire Regarding Autistic Traits in H+ People

Travis James Leland

Ethical Technology

November 27, 2012

Travis James Leland, a science and science fiction writer with ties to IEET, Humanity + and, is conducting a short survey. This is an informal survey to determine if there is a higher rate of autistic behaviors among the transhumanist/H+/Singularitarian/futurist community.


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Posted by Khannea Suntzu  on  11/29  at  03:15 PM

Trololo survey. Hilarious.

Posted by Intomorrow  on  11/29  at  06:39 PM

“4… refuses to eat what most people will usually eat.”

Might be seen as a plus: if “most” people eat too much junk,
then rebelling against such isn’t necessarily wrong; naturally the above is also a reference to norms yet such is perhaps entirely negated by the bad nutritional habits many otherwise dignified individuals and families harbor, though must hastily add it isn’t they are wrong, there are too many factors to go into in a comment—socialisation skills, etiquette.. decorum in general—however rebelling against that which has a collective value (Holidays’ eating habits are a good example) isn’t always mistaken.

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