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Automated Cars: Redux

John Niman


February 09, 2012

Last year I linked to an article that detailed a proposed law in Nevada allowing artificially intelligent cars on the road and offered some thought about what a future with A.I. cars might look like. Recently, A.I. cars have been in the news again.


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Posted by Pastor_Alex  on  02/09  at  11:06 AM

I like the statement of the ethical concern at the end. I can see arguments about whether AI’s are really “persons” to justify their continued use in high risk situations. Of course an AI would be much easier to clone or have control a vehicle or robot remotely.

If we took the AI car to the next step, control of the car and traffic would be handed over to a city AI that was in charge of traffic flow.

Posted by CygnusX1  on  02/09  at  03:11 PM

Wanna see just how good the Google car really is? I promise you will be amazed!

Watch “Brave New World - Stephen Hawking” on Channel 4OD FREE!

Posted by CygnusX1  on  02/23  at  04:32 PM

“Starting March 1st, Red license plate in Nevada means Robot driver!”

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