6th Annual Alliance for Healthy Aging Conference October 1-3, 2015
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Interventions to Slow Down Ageing

October 1-3, 2015

Venue: Slaley Hall Hotel near Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

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6th Annual Alliance for Healthy Aging Conference: a partnership of The Mayo Clinic Kogod Center on Aging, The University Medical Center Groningen, and Newcastle University Institute for Ageing

The Alliance for Healthy Aging was founded by the Mayo Clinic Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging (Rochester, Minnesota, USA) and, from the Netherlands, the University Medical Center Groningen (Groningen), the University of Groningen, the Noaber Foundation (Lunteren) and Vita Valley (Ede). It is holding a series of annual meetings dedicated to translational research on aging with the objective to bring together scientists, clinicians, engineers, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas.

History: In June 2010, the first meeting, The Next Step in Aging Research: From Bench to Bedside: A Forum for Collaboration between Clinicians and Researchers focused on the basic biology of aging and its relationship to clinical practice. It was a resounding success. In October 2011, the second meeting was held in Groningen, entitled Healthy Aging and Independent Living: Countering Frailty and Maintaining Independence. November 2012, the conference was held back at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota with the conference topic Senescence and Healthspan. The 2013 conference topic in Groningen was on Molecular Mechanisms of Age-Related Multi Morbidity and last year’s – October 23-25 – conference title in Rochester was Frailty and Healthspan: Bench to Bedside to Home.

Present: Newcastle University Institute for Ageing teamed up with Coimbra University to support the creation of a new Multidisciplinary Institute for Ageing at Coimbra, Portugal. The Alliance welcomed collaboration with Newcastle/Coimbra, which will host the 6th Annual Conference on “Interventions to Slow Down Ageing” at Slaley Hall in the North of England.

Benefits: The meeting will foster research collaborations, act as a springboard for new research grants and directions, and accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries to clinical practice by bringing together an expert and interdisciplinary panel with unique clinical, scientific, and commercial perspectives.

Program Description: The meeting will take place over 2 days. Sessions will be organized around key topics. Each session will have a chair and co-chair. Presentations by invited speakers will consist of a 25 minute talk including 5-10 minutes of discussion. To encourage participants to engage across different areas of research and focus, the meeting will not have concurrent sessions. Attendance at each meeting is limited to 120 participants to foster discussion and collaboration.