LaGrandeur @ Metabody: Technologies, Cultures and Movement April 17, 2015
NYIT - College of Arts & Sciences, NYC, NY USA

The conference is titled “Metabody: Technologies, Cultures and Movement,” focuses on issues of futurist intelligent technology called the “metahuman.”  Metabody is a manifestation of this.  You can see more of what this means by reading the “Metahumanist Manifesto,” written by Jaime del Val and Stefan Sorgner.


The symposium is from 6-8 p.m. on Friday, April 17, at NYIT in Manhattan.  The address is 16 W. 61st St. (just off Broadway), 11th floor auditorium.  There will be some food. 


Jaime del Val (Metabody project coordinator, metamedia artist and metahumanist philosopher Reverso Institute, Madrid)
“Metabody: Embodied Media as Response to Global Surveillance Culture”

Kevin LaGrandeur (NYIT faculty and Fellow, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology)
“Emotional Robots, Personhood, and Extended Ideas of Embodiment”

Francesca Ferrando (NYU faculty)
“Glamorous MetaBodies, the Politics of Amorphogenesis and the Will to Global Surveillance”

Yunus Tuncel (NYU faculty and Founder of Nietzsche Circle)
“Metaformance and the Problem of Spectacle/Spectator Divide”