Orban @ State of the Net 2015 October 4-5, 2015
Milan, Italy



Who is deciding what is the first link that we see in the results of a search engine? What defines the which of our friend’s post we see on our Facebook page? Why do we see those ads on our favourite web sites? Who is controlling the thousands of financial transactions that happen every second on the stock exchange? How can a currency be used by millions of people without being issued by any country’s central bank?
Algorithms will be the main theme of the State of the Net 2015.

The design of software that reacts to information increases the potential to serve the people in any industry, encouraging the emergence of new products. At the same time, it is growing worldwide the demand for transparency about the way algorithms influence us every day in what we learn, choose and buy. From deep machine learning to the development of software that will drive our cars, algorithms are a central issue in understanding the evolution of networks, companies and our society.