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The “Immortality Bus” Will Soon Be Rolling Across America

Hank Pellissier

Ethical Technology

July 08, 2015

The “Immortality Bus” - appearing as a 40-foot coffin - will soon be rolling down American highways as a “pro-science symbol of resistance against aging and death.”  The bus will stop at rallies and events to argue “for science and technology to overcome death.”

Transhumanist Party candidate Zoltan Istvan will be leading the bus brigade, accompanied by “other futurists, journalists, scientists, medical doctors, adventurers, and transhumanist activists,” such as longevity scientist Maria Konovalenko, Telegraph journalist and author Jamie Bartlett, and physician and women’s rights activist Dr. Lisa Memmel. The goal is to keep the bus “full of interesting… charismatic characters [plus] a number of well-known celebrities and television personalities.”

The Immortality Bus will stage pro-science and anti-aging rallies and visit universities along their route. It’ll leave from San Francisco and begin by covering the West Coast, with parties planned in Los Angeles (with an invite from a Kennedy), another event on Seattle’s Microsoft Campus, a rally in Portland, and longevity speeches in Phoenix. Afterwards it will head East, stopping at the Mississippi River to to protest how polluted America’s greatest waterway has become. In the Bible Belt it will visit megachurches, to covert the religious to reason and transhumanism. In Detroit, it’ll visit factories where robots have taken jobs. In Massachusetts, it’ll stop at MIT for chip implants. The bus has appointments in New York City, Chicago, and Florida’s Church of Perpetual Life and it will go to Washington DC’s Capitol building to deliver a Cyborg Bill of Rights to Congress.

The Immortality Bus construction and 4-month tour will be funded by an Indiegogo campaign, that intends to raise $25,000. Here’s a breakdown of the budget:

• $15,000 to buy the bus and make it look like a coffin, with giant plastic flowers for the top(see photo)
• $5,000 for a full-size, interactive robot named Jethro Knights, plus drones, event materials, t-shirts, and tech gear like live video cams.
• $5000 for gasoline, food, bus maintenance, and other travel expenses

If the full $25,000 isn’t generated, the plan is to buy a cheaper bus and spend less money on the robot, drones, and travel expenses. The bus tour will start a few weeks after funding closes.

The goal of the Immortality Bus is to challenge the mainstream idea that that death is acceptable or natural.  Contributors to the Indiegogo campaign will get perks like t-shirts, an eBook of the journey, bumper stickers, a signed copy of Zoltan’s bestselling novel The Transhumanist Wager—even a ride on the Immortality Bus.

Zoltan Istvan will be discussing the Immortality Bus at the Transhuman SuperPowers and Longevity conference in Oakland, on July 12.


Quotes are from the Indiegogo campaign description

Image #1 - Immortality Bus design by Rachel Lyn. Immortality Bus™ is a legal trademark; all services and products of Immortality Party are protected under law

Image #2 - Zoltan Istvan

Image #3 (below) - Transhumanist Party gathering in San Francisco

Hank Pellissier serves as IEET Managing Director and is an IEET Affiliate Scholar.


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