Printed: 2020-05-25

Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

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Posthuman Ethics: Third Annual Global Symposium

April 27, 2018

This Symposium is dedicated to the significance of the posthuman in relation to ethics and applied philosophy. We will address current global issues in order to spark a deep and multilayered analysis of what the notion of “posthuman ethics” implies. This Symposium wishes to engage in posthuman ethical reflections on AI, cyborgs, the digital turn, human enhancement and biotechnologies, genetic privacy, robots, environmental sustainability, drones, non-human animals, space, big data, the global dynamics of human interactions in relation to power and equity, among other topics. We invite your reflections on posthumanism both as a praxis and as a moral stance on the world, as exemplified by its advocacy of environmentalism, cyborg rights, animal personhood, sustainable advanced technologies and ethical economies. In so doing, Posthumanism may ultimately become a mode of existential inquiry to be applied in everyday life—thus making it imperative to critically elaborate and examine the strengths and weaknesses inherent in its ethical presuppositions and commitments.

The conference will be held at NYU and is free to attend people just need to RSVP by April 25.


Contact: Executive Director, Dr. James J. Hughes,
IEET, 35 Harbor Point Blvd, #404, Boston, MA 02125-3242 USA
phone: 860-428-1837