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HETHR Talks (Slowly) Available Online

December 07, 2006
Now that I'm just running one international nonprofit organization instead of two I'm working on clearing out the backlog of a year's accumulating to-do items. One was to edit and post all the audio of the May 2006 Human Enhancement Technologies and Human Rights conference. I was a little stymied because it turned out that the recordings were mostly done too loud, so there is a lot of painful distortion that I tried to figure out how to reduce. But tweaking audio tends to introduce nasty artifacts like high-pitched whistles, so I've given up and have started putting the talks up as MP3s.

Fortunately the opening panel with Bailey, Davis and Hurlbut was nice and clean, and these are their talks. Expect the rest shortly.

Human Rights in an Enhanced Future

May 26 - 7-9pm - Stanford Law School

Ron Bailey

Science Correspondent, Reason magazine


Erik Davis

Independent writer and culture critic


Hank Greely J.D.

Director, Center for Law and the Biosciences, Stanford Law School


William Hurlbut

Stanford University



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