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Roadmap to Immortality – Cyborgization, and Cryonics

May 15, 2014

Maria Konovalenko presents us with 2 beautiful images of important life extension sciences. They include topics such as: improving methods of extracting information from a frozen brain, improving 3D-Printing and layer-by-layer brain scanning technologies, improving the technology of freezing organs for transplantation, transplanting a head onto a biomechanical body, using external life-support systems after internal organs failure, and using surgeon robots to perform fast and safe organ transplantation.

Roadmap to Immortality – Cyborgization

Here’s a completely different approach to immortality – not thinking about how to restore damaged organs, but replace them with new artificial ones.

Roadmap to Immortality – Cryonics

A person is not a transhumanist if they don’t support cryonics. Cryonics is plan B for that case when it doesn’t work out to defeat aging within the person’s lifespan. Cryonics is the best possible action in the worst possible circumstances. It doesn’t make any sense to bury the body after a person’s death when the body can be stored in liquid nitrogen until the point of time in the future when reanimation might be feasible. The way how to make cryonics effective is described in the 3rd part of our Human Physical Immortality Roadmap.




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